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SLADE v3.1.1.1
Wed, Mar 09 2016


  • Shortcut keys now always show on context menus
  • Fixed an issue with zip archives sometimes getting mixed-up entry data after saving
  • Fixed a potential crash when saving large wad files on 32bit or low-RAM systems
  • Fixed some minor issues with the text editor:
    • Fixed refresh issues with multi-line brace matching in windows
    • Fixed text editor stealing focus from other controls (was most noticeable in other text controls - the cursor would show up in the wrong spot, or not at all)


  • Fixed an issue where a sound alert would play on most keypresses in the map editor

Resource Editor

  • Keep folders at the top of the entry list when sorting
  • Sorting the entry list by size will now also sort folders by the number of items they contain
  • Fixed crash when deleting an entry while the entry list was sorted by size

Map Editor

  • Changed the minimum number of sides for 'Ellipse' shape drawing to 3
  • Fixed a crash when opening any map with slopes
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when opening a map with pathed things in certain situations
  • Fixed potential crashes that could happen when closing a map within a pk3
  • Fixed an issue where the line highlight would be lost when mouse panning during tag edit