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SLADE v3.1.1.2
Mon, Jun 06 2016


  • Updated to wxWidgets 3.1.0 for windows builds
  • ZDoom language configuration update (thanks @Blue-Shadow)

Resource Editor

  • A minor improvement to the 'Save Map Image' feature
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a subdirectory outside SLADE (thanks @eevee)

Texture Editor

  • Fixed incorrect texture/patch names showing when the texture/patch list was sorted
  • Added support (recognition only) for ZDoom built-in TEXTURES palette translations

Map Editor

  • Added a button to export map check results to a text file
  • Added new 'Run Map from Here' feature for 2d and 3d modes
    • In 2d mode, right click and select 'Run Map from Here' to run the map with the player start moved to the cursor position
    • Added a checkbox to the run map dialog which will move the player start to the 3d mode camera position when running the map
  • Focus the 'Run' button by default on the run map/archive dialog
  • Checkboxes are now shown for line side boolean properties
  • When pasting map architecture, the appropriate line flags are set (the two-sided flag is important)
  • Should now be better at not creating an unnecessary sector within a closed void (thanks @eevee)
  • Raise the map editor window when opening a map
  • Only copy the previous type and angle when creating a new thing, not every property
  • Normalise thing info overlay sprite size if it's bigger than 128x128 (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Fixed incorrect vertex height slopes when a height property is not set
  • Fixed rendering of flats with both scaling and panning (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed erroneous double-change of a side's light level (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed status message when shift-selecting (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed undoing "paste sector properties", and possibly others (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed possible crash when entering 3d mode with a mipmapped texture filter set