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SLADE v3.1.1
Sun, Feb 28 2016


  • Various interface related improvements:
    • Updated program icon
    • Updated entry icons
    • Better looking colour scheme when run in Windows 10
  • Added options to change icon sets for toolbars and entry list
  • Added new 'Rounded' icon set for the entry list
  • Added a bunch of extra info to the crash dialog
  • Only allow a single instance of SLADE to be open at once
    • Opening an archive using 'open with' or file association will open it in the existing SLADE instance rather than starting a new one
  • Added an option to change the OpenGL font size (eg. in map editor info overlays)
  • Improvements to the first time setup wizard:
    • Scan some common folders to find base resource archives (Steam and GOG, Windows only for now)
    • Show a warning if a custom temp directory is selected and it is not empty
  • Updated language and game definitions (thanks @Blue-Shadow)
  • Various changes and fixes to allow compilation on freebsd, among other things (thanks @kevans91)
  • Tabs with close buttons can now be closed by middle clicking
  • Fixed toolbar icons staying greyed out after the first time setup wizard runs
  • Fixed certain menu shortcuts not working after initial startup (if the start page is showing)
  • Fixed various issues with crashing or hanging on startup due to broken slade.cfg or executables.cfg files
  • Fixed acs output coming up blank when using gdcc-acc (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Fixed various issues with Timidity MIDI playback

Format Support

  • Added support for Terminal Velocity POD archives
  • Added support for Chasm: The Rift BIN archives (thanks @alexey-lysiuk)
  • Added support for ILBM image format
  • Fixed Heretic 2 image formats support


  • Allow setting .app folders as an executable in the run dialog
  • Added ability to run game executable using OS X application bundle (thanks @alexey-lysiuk)

Resource Editor

  • Added ability to sort entry list and textures list by column
  • New entry panel to display entry data in a grid for various entry types:
    • Strife dialogues
    • PNAMES
  • Enhanced mass entry rename with some extra formatting features (thanks @Monsterovich)
    • ^ = paste alphabet letter (^^ = use lowercase characters)
    • % = paste alphabet repeat number (%% = start from zero)
    • & = paste entry number (&& = start from zero)
  • Various enhancements to the audio player
  • Display metadata for MIDI entries
  • More conversion options between audio formats
  • Added option to show confirmation on 'Revert Entry' (from either the entry list or entry panel)
  • Automatically identify #included entries (eg. a text entry #included in a DECORATE entry will be identified as DECORATE also)
  • Speed improvements when modifying multiple entries at once (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Fixed some issues with directory archive file checking and saving (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed potential crash with 'Build Archive' feature (thanks @alexey-lysiuk)

Texture Editor

  • Dragging left click outside a texture will now adjust its offsets (TEXTURES only)
  • Added basic undo/redo support (only works at a macro level at the moment, eg. you can undo 'saving' a texture's changes but not individual texture edits like moving a patch)
  • Fixed a possible crash with TEXTURES

Map Editor

  • Added support for more special features in 3d mode:
    • Most kinds of slopes (thanks @eevee)
    • UDMF mid texture transparency
    • TranslucentLine and Sector_SetColor in open scripts
    • Additive translucency (thanks @Monsterovich)
    • Coloured fog (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Shade orthogonal walls in 3d mode
  • Added a button to toggle the language list on the script editor
  • Added new options for the 64x64 grid display: None, Full (default) or Crosses
  • Added arg configurations for Generic_Floor and Generic_Ceiling (thanks @eevee)
  • Various improvements to the line properties dialog (thanks @Monsterovich & @eevee)
  • Various map editor improvements and fixes (thanks @eevee):
    • Added support for ZDoom UDMF explicit wall light levels
    • Correctly set namespace for UDMF maps when created
    • Don't mix base resource textures in with other PWADs
    • Preserve selection when switching edit modes
    • Flood-select in 3d mode now follows slopes
    • Fixed possible crash on opening line properties dialog
    • Added number of selected items to the status bar
    • 'Reset Offsets and Scaling' key now also works for flats
    • Fixed flat scaling key in 3d mode
    • When pasting, snap the relative movement rather than the center (same as moving behaves)
    • Hide the trigger checkboxes when only selecting a special
  • Fixed various problems with map architecture merging (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed undo/redo not working with mirror/flip actions (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Fixed arg0str UDMF property being removed erroneously (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed sector properties dialog always showing boom flags even for vanilla maps