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Discuss SLADE
If you want to report a bug or request a feature, please see the Issues and Feedback section below.
For any other SLADE-related discussion there are various options:
  • Discord - A discord server for SLADE discussion
  • ZDoom forum thread - If you already use the ZDoom forums, a SLADE discussion thread is available there
I can also be contacted directly via email at sirjuddington(at)
Issues and Feedback
If you come across an error while using SLADE, or would like to request a feature to be added, please post it as an issue at the SLADE Issue Tracker on GitHub.

You will need to sign up with GitHub to post an issue, however it is completely free and simple to do, you will just need a valid email address to validate the account.

Additionally, before posting an issue, please take a minute to read through the submission guidelines below.
Issue Submission Guidelines

Submitting an Issue

Bug Reports

When submitting a bug report, be sure to include the version of SLADE you are using, your OS and any other details that may be helpful.

If it is a crash, be sure to include the stack trace that was output when the program crashed, if it showed up. The crash dialog should look something like this:

To get the stack trace, simply click the 'Copy Stack Trace' button.

Feature Requests

If you have a feature request, first make sure that it hasn't already been requested, and that it is not already a planned feature.

Submitting a Pull Request


Before submitting a pull request, make sure it is based off of the correct branch. Currently there are two main branches for SLADE development: master and stable.

The stable branch is for the current stable release of SLADE. As the code in this branch must remain as stable as possible, only submit a pull request for this branch if it is a bug fix or minor improvement that is unlikely to introduce any new bugs. If you have implemented a new feature in your fork, consider submitting it as a pull request for the master branch.

The master branch is for the next release of SLADE. This branch is where all the new features are developed, and it isn't guaranteed to be stable. If your pull request does not fit the criteria for submitting to the stable branch as above, this is where it should go.