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SLADE v3.1.1.3
Mon, Jul 25 2016


  • Added BCC to compiler choices (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Only export acs resources from the current archive when compiling (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Browser window sizes and positions are now remembered on reopening (and between sessions)
  • Improved the crash dialog with the ability to directly send a crash report


  • Improved mouselook performance in 3d mode
  • Improved touchpad zooming sensitivity
  • Texture dropdowns on the line and sector properties dialogs now work the same as in Windows/Linux
  • Fixed an issue with the main window becoming stuck underneath the top menu bar


  • PgUp/PgDown in the entry list will now correctly refresh the entry panel content

Resource Editor

  • If an entry is open in its own tab, switch to the tab when it is selected in the entry list (thanks @Monsterovich)
  • Fixed a crash on undo/redo of a file import
  • Fixed acs script compilation overwriting the script file if it was in the acs (library) namespace
  • Fixed an issue where a gfx offset would not save if it was still highlighted when 'save' was clicked

Texture Editor

  • Enclose TEXTURES texture and patch names with double quotes when saving (stops ZDoom complaining about textures with a - in the name)

Map Editor

  • Show all textures in texture dropdowns if the current texture is -
  • DECORATE #include paths without enclosing double quotes are now loaded correctly
  • Allow full integer thing/special args in UDMF format maps (eg. args over 255 or negative values)
  • Fixed an issue with sector creation sometimes creating an invalid sector (thanks @eevee)
  • Fixed an issue where drawing a circle/ellipse with shape draw would sometimes create zero-length lines