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SLADE v3.1.1.4
Mon, Sep 26 2016


  • Fixed a crash when opening the texture/thing browser window on OSX (and sometimes on Windows)
  • Various updates to game and language configurations (thanks @Blue-Shadow)

Resource Editor

  • Fixed a crash on 'Open Map in Doom Builder 2' with no base resource selected
  • Fixed a crash when performing an entry sort with subdirectories selected

Texture Editor

  • Fixed a crash when undoing a texture delete

Map Editor

  • Added (view) support for wall/flat textures with full paths (thanks @Talon1024)
  • Added an option to enable/disable automatic x-offset calculation when splitting map lines (enabled by default)
  • Fixed an issue where the map editor would lose focus after building nodes
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to set a nonexistant side or sector
  • Fixed a crash when performing 'toggle upper/lower unpegged' in 3d mode with nothing selected or highlighted
  • Fixed a possible crash when compiling ACS
  • Fixed a possible crash when entering 3d mode with things selected