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SLADE v3.1.2 beta 1
Wed, May 24 2017


  • New and updated Eternity engine configurations (thanks @Altazimuth)
  • Various speed improvements (thanks @Monsterovich and @anotak)
  • Added support for vanilla-compatible tall gfx patches
  • Lots of refactoring and changes under the hood to fix some long standing bugs and improve maintainability - will likely introduce new issues too but that's what beta releases are for
  • Various minor UI tweaks and improvements
  • (Very) Many other minor improvements and fixes

Resource Editor

  • Added basic pixel-editing tools in the gfx editor
    • Multpile painting modes: draw, erase, translate
    • Various brush shape presets, including dithered patterns
  • Added new Palette Gradient tool (thanks @jmickle66666666)
  • Added new Crop Gfx tool
  • Palette colours can now be used in colourise/tint/translate tools (right click colour boxes for palette colour selection)
  • Improvements to the gfx translation tool:
    • Colourise and tint effects can now be used in colour remap
    • Added a checkbox so that the translation string only reports palette ranges, regardless of which translation types are used
  • Added metadata display for most audio types

Texture Editor

  • Added filter text box to texture list

Text Editor

  • Added code folding feature, can fold code blocks (eg. between { and }), preprocessor blocks (eg. #region/#endregion) and comment blocks.
  • Added option to override the text editor font globally (rather than using what is defined in the style)
  • Added a simple preview to the text editor styles preferences page
  • Moved everything from the bottom TextEntryPanel toolbar to a new 'Text' entry menu (word wrap, jump to, find+replace)
  • Indent guides and right margin line colours are now configurable
  • Revamped the Find+Replace feature:
    • Is now a panel that pops up below the text editor, so it doesn't get in the way of the text like the old dialog did
    • 'Find Previous' button
    • Extra matching options - match start of word, regular expression (isn't 'real' regex, but scintilla's version of it), and backslash expressions
    • Can press enter while the find text is highlighted to find next (also shift+enter to find previous)
    • When activated, the find text will be populated by either the current selection or the word under the cursor, and the 'find' text box will be focused and selected
  • Added 'Jump to Line #' feature
  • Vastly improved calltips:
    • No longer look like something straight out of windows 95
    • (Optionally) colourise function name and parameter types
    • (Optionally) dim function parameters that are optional
    • Limit width of calltips and split to multiple lines so they are less lilely to extend off the screen (they still can, though)
    • Pressing escape while a calltip is open will close it
    • Pressing up/down while a calltip with multiple function parameter sets is open will cycle through the sets (can also click on the up/down arrows as before)
    • Corrected some issues where calltips would hang around when they shouldn't or not show up when they should
    • Added ability to define function descriptions, which will show up in calltips
    • Changed function config behaviour to override a previously defined function if another with the same name is encountered, rather than adding the new args as a set (so no more 2x identical arg sets for ACS_Execute, etc.)
  • Comment, preprocessor and block start/end tokens are now configurable via TextLanguage
  • Allow more word lists to be defined for syntax highlighting (added 'Type' and 'Property' word lists configurable via TextLanguage, in addition to the existing keyword/constant/function lists)
  • Changed the 'Jump To' option/dialog to an auto-updating dropdown that is always showing on the top toolbar
  • Added (optional) highlighting of all occurrences of the word under the cursor
  • Added (optional) highlight for current line
  • Added new styles for 'Comment (Doc)', 'Type', 'Property', 'Word Match' and 'Current Line'
  • Created new SLADE default colour sets (light and dark) and an additional 'Material' colour set
  • Fixed refresh issues with multi-line brace matching in windows
  • Fixed text editor stealing focus from other controls (most noticeable in text controls - the cursor would show up in the wrong spot)

Map Editor

  • String args are now shown in the info overlay
  • Added Z height changes for things. Ctrl+mousewheel will change thing height, floor/ceiling heights, and wall vertical offsets.
  • Added floodfill. This pastes the texture to every adjacent texture. Default key is shift+middle click because that's the key in DB2/GZDB(BF), and because it's consistent with shift+left click for flood-select.
    • Because of that, default key for simple paste texture has been changed to ctrl+middle click.
  • Added new map checks:
    • Check for missing tagged objects
    • Check for unknown line and thing specials
    • Check for unknown sector types
    • Check for obsolete things
  • Added new 'Special Presets' feature for hexen and UDMF format maps - select from a list of pre-defined specials (currently generated from ZDoom's XLAT) for quickly setting args and activation trigger flags (custom presets support coming in a later beta)