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SLADE v3.1.2 beta 2
Tue, Jun 06 2017


  • Translations now work on truecolour images
  • Added support for SiN archives
  • Fixed an issue in the configuration files preventing some text entry formats being correctly detected
  • Fixed crashing on exit
  • Updated ZDoom UDMF configuration with new properties
  • Various minor tweaks, fixes and improvements

Resource Editor

  • Fixed the sector and sidedef counts not resetting in the map preview
  • Fixed duplicate 'save changes' prompts when clicking away from a modified entry in linux

Texture Editor

  • Fixed a crash when removing a patch from the patch table

Map Editor

  • The shape draw options should now show up again during shape drawing
  • Fixed a potential crash upon entering 3d mode
  • Fixed 'Quick Thing Angle' feature spamming undo steps