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So Many 1s (3.1.1 Beta 1 Released)
As promised last post, the first beta build of SLADE 3.1.1 is released. There are a few major new features in this release, including slopes support in 3d mode, entry list sorting, a generic data view for various entry types, and more. For a full list of changes, as per usual they can be found on the GitHub release page.

One feature that some may notice is missing, if they have been using the builds from DRDTeam, is the advanced music/audio panel. This feature will be added (back) in a future beta release of 3.1.1.

So head over to the downloads page and try out the beta, if you are so inclined.
SLADE Released
Yet another 3.1.0 release, hopefully (again) the last. I'm planning on releasing the first beta version of 3.1.1 soon, so look out for that as well.

As per usual, the release notes can be found at the GitHub Release Page
SLADE Released
Another month, another minor bugfix release. This one should fix some problems with the configuration resetting, slowness while large directory archives are open, and various other things outlined on the release page here.
It's Already
Due to a few critical issues with, a new version is up already. As usual, changes can be seen at the GitHub release page
SLADE Released
A new minor update to SLADE has been released, which fixes a variety of issues and comes with some minor improvements. Hopefully this will be the last minor release before 3.1.1, unless any nasty bugs show up.

For more information about the changes, see the GitHub release page
A New Wiki Look
In addition to the website visual overhaul detailed last post, the SLADE wiki is now also available directly from the website, styled to match with the rest of the site. The wiki itself is still hosted on GitHub and must be edited there.

In an upcoming release of SLADE the wiki will be available directly within the program (Help -> Online Documentation), opened as a tab, as long as there is an active internet connection and wxWebView support is enabled (which is the default in Windows and OSX).
A New Look
As you can probably see, the SLADE website has had a bit of a facelift - less rounded edges! softer colours! fancy animations!

For the most part the changes are to the style, with the general layout remaining pretty much the same. The next SLADE release will most likely have an updated start page to match.

As for SLADE development progress, things have been pretty slow recently. Hopefully this will change soon but we'll see. I've earmarked a few more issues on GitHub to address before the next minor release (, which will most likely be the last minor release before 3.1.1. I hope to have it ready soon, and then 3.1.1 some time later this year.
SLADE Released
A small update for 3.1.0 has been released, with various minor fixes and improvements:

Code: [Select]
- Updated language configurations
- Typing characters when the browser window is focused will update the filter rather than jump to the next matching item
- Added check for Windows Media Player installation - MIDI playback without a soundfont will now be disabled when WMP is not installed
- Added (optional) confirmation dialog on exit
- Added 'SLADE 2' colour configuration (for map editor)
- Fixed error messages not showing after failed ACC compilation

Resource Editor
- Texture editor patch browser is now correctly centered when opened
- Un-check textures from the current base resource by default in 'Remove Unused Textures' function

Map Editor
- Fixed crash on moving a vertex in a map with no lines
- Scripts are cleared on creating a new map
- Fixed possible crash when saving the map while in 3d mode
- Add the new archive to recent files on map 'Save As' (or saving a new map)
- Fixed wrong UDMF wall/flat scaling preview
- Drawing lines anti-clockwise outside of a sector will no longer create invalid lines
SLADE 3.1.0 Released, Finally
After 3+ years it's finally here - SLADE 3.1.0, with the first iteration of the map editor. A short, probably incomplete overview of the map editor features is below:

Code: [Select]
- Support for Doom, Hexen and UDMF format maps
- 'Split' game configuration system - just select a game and a port, no more long list of 'ZDoom + Doom 2', 'ZDoom + Doom 1' etc. configs
- Syncs up with the resource editor - changed a texture? it'll update in the map editor
- Nice looking, smoothly animated 2d map editor view
-- Textured sectors
-- Filled sector hilight/selection (optional)
-- Multiple thing view styles
- Advanced line drawing feature (default key Space):
-- Can draw lines overlapping or splitting other lines
-- On finishing line draw, sectors are automatically built, no need to play around with sector references
- Shape drawing feature (default key Shift+Space):
-- Same advantages as line drawing, allows for faster drawing of simple shapes, eg. draw a rectangle with 2 clicks instead of 5
-- Currently supports square/rectangle and circle/ellipse shapes, with more simple shapes to come in future versions
- 'Object Edit' feature, similar to DB2's edit mode (default key E)
-- Move and scale by dragging the edit box from the middle or edges
-- Rotate by holding ctrl and dragging the edit box corners
-- A bar will show at the bottom of the window allowing manual entry of offset/scale/rotation values
- 3d editing mode
-- No need to build nodes
-- Allows unlimited view distance (not recommended on old hardware and/or very complex maps)
-- Correct Doom aspect ratio for a more accurate preview of what the map will look like in-game
-- Walls/flats/things can be selected and deselected, allows editing multiple objects at once
-- Shift+click to 'flood-select' similar adjacent walls/flats
- Support for advanced port features:
-- ZDoom UDMF enhancements
--- Sector colouring preview in 2d/3d modes
--- Flat scaling, offsets and rotation preview in 2d/3d modes
-- ZDoom DECORATE thing definitions support
- Categorised texture and thing type browsers
- Script editor with syntax highlighting and autocompletion (ACS only for now)

Of course, the rest of the program has also improved considerably since 3.0.2, with a lot of additions, changes and fixes, outlined below:

Code: [Select]
- Added ability to open maps with [Doom Builder 2]( (if it is installed)
- Keybinds are now configurable in the preferences dialog
- Added colour configuration to preferences dialog
- Removed the maps list from the open archives tab on the archive manager
- Merged the Archives and Recent Files tabs into one
- Implemented a custom toolbar, replacing the ugly wxAUI ones
- Implemented notebook tab art class from CodeLite, now tabs look a fair bit nicer, especially in linux
- Added 'Replace x In Maps' feature
- Improved entry type detection speed
- Console command batches (run all commands contained in a file or entry)
- Implemented basic undo/redo system
- Updated the start page layout, changed to use wxWebView (which uses a proper HTML renderer - IE on Windows and WebKit on Linux/OSX)
- Added toolbar size option - Small (16x16, default), Medium (24x24) and Large (32x32). Mostly for use with High-PPI displays (eg. 'Retina' screens)
- Added a basic 'first time setup' wizard, with pages to set up temp folder, base resource archives and node builders
- Added 'Run Map/Archive' feature
- Directories can be opened as archives
- Various updates and additions to game and language configurations
- Many other improvements and bug fixes

Format Support:
- SWITCHES and ANIMATED entries can be compiled from and decompiled into SWANTBLS syntax
- ROTT's masked pictures with translucency are now supported
- HMI, HMP, and XMI music playback has been implemented
- PC speaker sound playback is now emulated
- Added mp3 and tracker module playback
- Added playback of Wolfenstein digitized sounds (VSWAP)

Resource Editor:
- Modified archives now show a - on their tab title
- Added toolbars to most entry panels, replacing the top bar and 'custom' toolbars added to the main bar
- New maintenance options:
-- Clean out entries that are identical duplicates of an IWAD entry
-- Check for duplicated entry content with a CRC-32 check for each entry
-- Basic 'remove unused textures' and 'remove unused patches' actions
- Entry list improvements:
-- Multiple entry name filters can now be entered (separated by commas) eg: "MAP01, MAP02"
-- Added option to colour entry list item background by entry type
-- Added new 'index' column to entry list
-- Added option to alternate entry list row colours
-- Renamed 'Gfx' entry list context submenu to 'Graphics' - will now only show when multiple entries are selected (to avoid having both 'Gfx' and 'Graphic' submenus showing at once)
- Gfx Entries:
-- Gfx offsets are preserved on import
-- In the gfx conversion dialog, the transparent colour can now be set by left-clicking on the current preview image
-- Added 'Modify Offsets' button to gfx entry panel
-- Added 'Convert to...' to gfx entry panel toolbar
-- Colourise and Tint can be applied to multiple gfx entries
-- Translations can be previewed in truecolor; which is useful if you're using the translation editor to get translation strings for DECORATE/ACS for GZDoom, instead of using it to directly change pictures
- Text Entries:
-- Added some extra colour configuration options and themes for the text editor
-- Added 'Jump To' feature for various text languages
-- Added word wrapping checkbox
- Audio Entries:
-- MIDIs can now be played (in Windows) without specifying a soundfont to use (the system MIDI device will be used instead of Fluidsynth)
-- FluidSynth player can now load several soundfonts at once
-- Show message box if errors occured on audio conversion
- Added basic palette editing functionality
- Added ability to directly generate new PLAYPAL, ANIMATED and SWITCHES entries instead of having to create an empty entry and then import content in it
- Added COLORMAP entry generation
- Hex viewer can now also show grid cells as decimal or ASCII
- Added "Edit Level Script" button to MapEntryPanel and FraggleScript language
- Added things to map preview
- Double-clicking a texture entry opens the texture editor
- Patch/texture browser improvements:
-- Changed the browser to use a proper font for item names
-- Browser background changed to the checkered texture used in most other gfx views (optional)
-- Added 'zoom' slider to the browser window

Texture Editor:
- Added ability to export a texture to a single graphic entry
- Rearranged the layout somewhat so that the UI fits better on smaller screens (for TEXTURES editing in particular)
- Added 'Rename Each' for textures
- Improved TEXTURES support
- When saving textures, only texture entries that have actually been modified are rewritten
- Textures can now be sorted
- If alt is held down when moving a patch with the arrow keys, a duplicate patch will be added and moved
- Support for "UseOffsets" property

With 3.1.0 now finally released, work has begun on the next feature update, 3.1.1. It already features the ability to sort various lists (eg. the entry list) by clicking column headers, some improvements to the audio entry player, and support for more advanced map features.

If needed, there may be minor 3.1.0.x updates, which will be purely bug fixes - any new features will have to wait for 3.1.1. I'd also like to start some preliminary work on the project system, for 3.2.0, at some point soon. This time, though, I should hopefully handle it better, releasing reasonably regular 3.1.x updates while 3.2.0 is in development. I'd rather not go 3 years without a stable release again, especially with so much more that needs to be done...
3.1.0 Beta 6
This is just a minor beta update which fixes a few major bugs in beta 5 - 3.1.0 final is still on track to be released reasonably soon.

Read the beta 6 release notes at GitHub
3.1.0 Beta 5
And we're up to beta 5 now. It's available from the downloads section and at the GitHub release page. Changes since beta 4 can also be found there.

The good news is, bug reports have been slowing a lot since beta 4, so it's looking like this will be the last beta before I can finally release 3.1.0. It's been a very long time coming, but shouldn't be much longer now...
3.1.0 Beta 4
Another month, another beta. I know 3 was meant to be the last, but there have been very many changes and fixes since then and I still don't feel that everything is stable and complete enough for a final release. Since it has been over a month since the last beta, I figured it's about time to get another release out.

The map editor in particular should be a lot more stable now, and hopefully will no longer have problems with sector references on merging and issues with undo/redo.

Who knows how many betas it will take, but I would like for the final release to be as stable as possible, and as long as the bug reports keep coming in, the longer the final release will be delayed - but hopefully will be much better for it.

For full information about changes since beta 3, check the release page over at GitHub.
3.1.0 Beta 3
And it's the third beta for 3.1.0. There have been a huge number of changes since beta 2, and for the most part everything I wanted to get in for 3.1.0 is done. As such, this will likely be the last beta before the final release, and until then the focus will mostly be on bug fixing and polishing.

For an overview of changes since beta 2, check the GitHub release page here.
3.1.0 Beta 2
SLADE 3.1.0 beta 2 is up, with numerous changes since beta 1. For more information and a full list of changes, head over to the GitHub Release page. You can also download the windows binaries and sources from there, or as usual from the downloads section here.

Work on SLADE has been increasing in pace lately, and I'm hoping to continue this trend and get another beta out reasonably soon. Might even end up with 3.1.0 final before the end of the year if all goes well...
3.1.0 Beta 1
Well I figure it's about time I released a beta for SLADE 3.1.0. The Windows binaries are up at the download section. Note that it requires the MS VC++ 2012 runtimes to run.

As it is a beta release, expect some bugginess, and some things to not quite work right. So make backups and save often, all the usual common sense stuff.

If you happen to come across a bug, be sure to post it (and the stack trace if it was a crash) as an Issue over at GitHub. Feature suggestions can be posted here as well, though for the most part I'm just looking for bugs to fix up at the moment.

As this is the first somewhat public release of the SLADE3 map editor, I'd like to hear some feedback on it - what works well, what doesn't, etc etc. I've done a few things a bit differently to what people might be used to from SLADE2 / Doom Builder. Eventually there will be more documentation up about it on the wiki, but for now I think it would be good to see if things are intuitive or not :P The map editor is not currently feature complete - if there's something that was in SLADE2 that isn't there yet, it's coming (eventually).

Apart from the map editor, there have been numerous changes to the rest of SLADE3 since 3.0.2. Below is a list of some of the bigger changes:
Code: [Select]
- Added ability to open maps with Doom Builder 2 (if it is installed)
- Added console commands to list/set cvars
- Keybinds are now configurable in the preferences dialog
- Added colour configuration to preferences dialog
- Removed the maps list from the open archives tab on the archive manager
- Merged the Archives and Recent Files tabs into one
- Implemented a custom toolbar, replacing the ugly wxAUI ones
- Implemented notebook tab art class from CodeLite, now tabs look a fair bit nicer, especially in linux
- New maintenance option: cleaning out entries that are identical duplicates of an IWAD lump
- Added new maintenance option: check for duplicated entry content with a CRC-32 check for each entry
- 'Replace In Maps' stuff
- Improved entry type detection speed
- Console command batches (run all commands contained in a file or a lump)
- Implemented basic undo/redo

Resource Editor:
- Added ability to export a texture to a single graphic entry
- Gfx offsets are preserved on import
- Added palette editing functionality
- If alt is held down when moving a patch with the arrow keys, a duplicate patch will be added and moved'
- Added ability to quickly jump to items in the patch browser by typing the first few letters of the patch name
- Added word wrapping checkbox to text entry panel
- In the gfx conversion dialog, the transparent colour can now be set by left-clicking on the current preview image
- Multiple entry name filters can now be entered (separated by commas) eg: "MAP01, MAP02"
- Implemented basic 'remove unused textures' and 'remove unused patches' actions
- Added mp3 and tracker module playback
- Changed the browser to use a proper font for item names
- Browser background changed to the checkered texture used in most other gfx views (optional)
- Added 'zoom' slider to the browser window
- Added ability to directly generate new PLAYPAL, ANIMATED and SWITCHES lumps instead of having to create an empty lump and then import content in it
- Texture editor: implemented support for "UseOffsets" property
- Added "Edit Level Script" button to MapEntryPanel and FraggleScript language
- Added playback of Wolfenstein digitized sounds (VSWAP)
- Added COLORMAP lump generation
- Various additions and improvements to texture editor for ZDoom TEXTURES format
- Added option to colour entry list item background by entry type

The list probably isn't complete, but hey, it's been over 2 years since the last release.
Been a While
So I just realised it's been more than two years since the last official SLADE release of v3.0.2. I doubt too many people end up reading this stuff, but I figured I should at least post some kind of news about how things have been coming along.

3.1.0 and the Map Editor
Since 3.0.2 was released, I have slowly been getting work done on the map editor component of SLADE3. Currently, it is fairly usable, although missing some features and somewhat buggy. As things are going currently, I don't really see it being complete any time soon. Because of this, I think it's about time I set some kind of cutoff in terms of features for the map editor, started fixing up the bugs and release a beta version of 3.1.0 for testing. Expect this sometime soon.

Version Control and GitHub
Recently I was beginning to realise that I just have too many different sources for bug reports, feature requests and the like. Between the ZDoom forums thread, the SLADE forums, IRC and email, it was getting increasingly difficult to keep track of all the feedback coming in. Additionally, there has been a (justifiable) move away from centralised VCS (cvs, svn, etc) to DVCS (git, mercurial, etc).

I decided to give Git a try, having the source repository for SLADE up at GitHub. This brings multiple advantages, on top of those from using a DVCS, GitHub provides an issue tracker and wiki for the project. The issue tracker makes it much easier to keep track of outstanding bugs and feature requests, anyone can post an issue (just need to sign up for a GitHub account), and I can close said issues via commits when they are addressed. This will be the preferred method for bug reports and feature requests for 3.1.0.

The current SLADE wiki is hosted at Wikia, which while being decent enough for a free wiki host, has become a bit too ad-heavy, among other things. Over the last few days I have been moving the wiki content over to the SLADE wiki on GitHub, which is both nicer than Wikia aesthetically and has no ads.

As a whole, SLADE noticeably lacks any real documentation. With the wiki move above, I plan to start writing up some proper documentation for SLADE interface and resource editor features on the GitHub wiki, while the 3.1.0 betas are in development. Once I get started on some of it (so as to have some examples of how the documentation should look), I would not be opposed to anyone else helping out with writing documentation/tutorial pages for the wiki : )

SLADE is a cross-platform application, and while in the past I have been able to keep it working correctly on OSX, recently I have not been able to do so. As such, I am looking for anyone interested in helping maintain an OSX package for SLADE, so for 3.1.0 it can have an official OSX release. So yeah, if anyone is interested, let me know.

Well I guess that's it for now, stay tuned for the first beta for SLADE 3.1.0 in the coming weeks...
Forum Registration and SVN
Just a quick update to say that forum registration should be working again (you're no longer always under 13 years of age, heh). Also due to some problems it was causing, the websvn software has been disabled, so for now the only option for browsing the svn is browsing it directly here.
Three Oh Too
And finally, SLADE v3.0.2 is released. The final version doesn't really have any new features over beta 3, but here's an overview of the major changes since 3.0.1:

Code: [Select]
- Many improvements to the texture editor:
-- Extended ZDoom TEXTURES support
-- Textures can be copied and pasted, including between different archives, patches and all
-- Added shortcut keys and context menu for the texture list
-- Added 'Texture' menu when a texture editor is open
- New 'Graphic' menu for gfx entries, with some basic gfx editing functions such as flip/mirror, rotate, colourise and colour translation
- Typing the first few characters of an item to jump to it in lists has been re-implemented
- Added the ability to open entries in separate tabs
- Dumped Audiere as the sound/midi library in windows, and swapped to SFML-audio. Upsides are much better/faster audio support and audio support in linux (and mac). Downsides are no mp3 or module format support (though I'll look into adding these back at a later date)
- Fluidsynth is now used to preview MIDI in both windows and linux
- Palettes can now be exported in various formats: raw, png image, csv and jasc palette
- Many other bugfixes and small improvements

With that out of the way, I now plan to focus on the map editor/3.1 for the most part, although I imagine there will be at least a version 3.0.3 before it is finished as there are still quite a few things I want to add to the general editor. Another thing that needs to be looked at is some proper documentation of editor features, but this is one of those things I'm not so good at, I wouldn't know where to start :P I may put up a few basic tutorials at some point, though, detailing how to perform some common editing activities such as importing, texture editing, etc etc. I imagine there are quite a few minor features many people don't know about :P
3.0.2 Beta 2
Well the last few things I wanted to do for 3.0.2 are now done, and therefore 3.0.2 beta2 is now up at the downloads page. Now all it needs is some polish and bugfixing before 3.0.2 final :)

All that's really new since beta 1 is the ability to use textures as patches for ZDoom TEXTURES, and the ability to copy and paste textures from one list to another, patches and all.
Forum issues! 3.0.2 beta 1!
So I hear some people have been having trouble registering over at the SLADE ( forums. Anyone who did (or does :P), please read this post. I'd like more people to use the proper SLADE forums as it's preferable for discussion/reporting over the wiki or threads in other, unrelated forums. Don't let the need to register scare you off :P

In other news, nearly all the new features I wanted for 3.0.2 are now implemented, so I figured a new beta release is in order. So yeah, try it out and report any bugs so they can be fixed for 3.0.2 final :)

What's new or changed? Well, this:
Code: [Select]
- Texture editor now supports ZDoom's enhanced TEXTURES format
- New 'Graphic' menu for gfx entries, with some basic gfx editing functions
- Typing the first few characters of an item to jump to it in lists has been re-implemented
- Added the ability to open entries in separate tabs
- Dumped Audiere as the sound/midi library in windows, and swapped to SFML-audio. Upsides are much better/faster audio support and audio support in linux (and mac). Downsides are no mp3 or module format support (though I'll look into adding these back at a later date)
- Fluidsynth is now used to preview MIDI in both windows and linux
- Many other bugfixes and small improvements

Before 3.0.2 final I still want to finish off some stuff with the TEXTURES editor, namely allowing textures to be used as patches, offsets previewing and copy+paste for textures. Hopefully proper lzma/bz2 compression support for zips will be done before then too. Once 3.0.2 final is done, I'll really get around to implementing the map editor, something I've been itching to do lately :P

As per usual, go to the downloads section to grab the beta, and get testing etc.
3.0.1 Released
A bit later than I would have liked, here is SLADE v3.0.1. It's for the most part a bugfix/improvements release after 3.0.0, but there are a few new things in there too. Below is a list of the major changes and additions in this version:

Code: [Select]
- Support for more game formats: Wolf3D/SoD, Dark Forces, Descent, Unreal/Half-Life WAD3, Half-Life texture, Quake2 wal
- Fixed many problems with the texture editor
- New 'Save Map Image' button on map preview
- The archive menu now has its own associated toolbar
- Swapped the top and bottom bars of controls in the entry viewers (mostly to get the 'save changes' button to a more convenient location)
- Entry names containing / or \ are now valid in wad archives
- Added the ability to drag files onto the program window: dropping files on the entry list will import them to the archive, dropping them anywhere else will attempt to open them as archives
- Many general bugfixes and small improvements

The map editor is coming along slowly but surely, hopefully it'll be done before the end of the year at the latest...
3.0.0 Is Here
With all the features (and more) of SLumpEd, and (hopefully) all the bugs from beta gone, it's finally time - for SLADE v3.0.0 :) Go grab it at the downloads page!

The only real new feature added since beta7 is an 'Export to PNG' function for gfx entries, to alleviate the hassle of having to convert manually before exporting. Apart from that, many bugs were fixed and various interface-related oddities were fixed up, and the entry type detection code was optimised significantly.

To coincide with the release, the old SLADE/SLumpEd forums have been cleared, and in their place is a new SLADE3 set of forums. Feel free to post any bug reports, feature requests, or anything else SLADE-related there.
"Final Beta"
Aaaand it's beta 7. New stuff ahoy:

Code: [Select]
- Enhancements to TEXTUREx editing:
  - More information shown about patches in the patch table tab
  - New patch browser to select patches when editing textures
  - Added 'Add to Patch Table' and 'Add to TEXTUREx' to the entry context menu ala SLumpEd
- Added map preview - supports doom, hexen, doom64ex and udmf format maps
- Added an entry type filter to the entry list
- Added 'Remove Unused Patches' feature
- Finished start page, with recent files, links and a 'tip of the day'
- Finished text editor functionality: autocomplete, syntax hilighting, calltips, and more
- Support for more archive formats: Quake PAK, Quake WAD2, Jaguar Doom, Duke3d GRP, Blood RFF
- Support for more gfx formats: Duke3d/build tiles, Heretic2 mipmapped pictures, various ROTT formats
- Added 'Revert' entry action, does the same as in SLumpEd - reverts the entry data to it's last saved state
- Implemented audio preview. Supports wav, doom sound, d64ex sound, creative voc, various module formats, midi, mus, mp3, flac, ogg, and more
- Added global palette chooser to the toolbar
- Added ANSI text screen viewer
- ACS script compilation
- Many bugfixes and improvements

With beta 7, SLADE 3 now has all the features of SLumpEd (and more of course). This means that I won't be adding any new major features for v3.0. Before the final 3.0 release, though, I'd like to get it as bug free as possible, so I encourage people to test beta 7 as much as they can, and report any bugs or annoyances via either the forums (preferrably), email or on the wiki.

Hopefully I can get the final 3.0 out before the end of the year :)
I figure it's about time I released beta 6. It's been a few months since the last one (so much for monthly betas :P), but hey, the SVN builds should be enough to keep those most interested in development up-to-date. Many things are improved over beta5 in this version, so be sure to get it asap if you're still using 5.

New stuff? Here:
Code: [Select]
- TEXTUREx editor is fully functional (not entirely complete yet though, just needs a proper patch selector)
- Implemented proper mass rename/import/export
- Support for opening/viewing more archive and image types: Shadowcaster, Amulets & Armor
- Implemented 'recent files' (in the file menu and also in a tab in the Archive Manager)
- New Bookmark system: In a fourth tab in the Archive Manager is a list of bookmarks. You can right-click on an entry in the Entry Panel to bookmark it. Then you can quick-jump to it with a double-click
- Massively improved entry list speed
- Entry list can now be filtered by name
- Added a basic preferences dialog
- Added a proper hex viewer
- Entry extensions are automatically updated if their type gets changed somehow (via gfx conversion, file import, etc)
- Base resource archive can now be selected from the toolbar
- MANY bugfixes, minor features and general improvements

3.0 is getting closer, gradually...
Downtime, SVN Builds and a Wiki
Well the SLADE website has been down for a week or so, during that time a few things have happened.

Gez has setup an SVN builds page over at DRD Team. So if you're feeling adventurous, try out the latest (win32) SVN build of SLADE while waiting on the next proper beta version :)

I've also setup a Wiki for SLADE over here, which will be added to over time with documentation, tutorials, information etc etc.

That's all for now, hopefully within the next few weeks I'll get beta6 up, if all goes well...
It's Beta 5
Well I didn't get everything I wanted finished before this release, but it's been longer than a month so it's time for beta 5.

New stuff in this release:
Code: [Select]
- The usual bugfixes and improvements (and possibly new bugs introduced :P)
- TEXTUREx editor redesigned, now is opened by double-clicking a texture related entry. The editor itself still isn't finished, though
- Basic colourisation (comments+strings) and line numbers in the text editor
- Gif support
- Detection for a bunch more entry formats
- Ability to import multiple files at once (with 'Entry->New from File')
The list isn't all that impressive I know, but a lot of the work since beta4 has been under the hood, so to speak. Anyway hopefully next beta will have the TEXTUREx editor done (finally), and perhaps the text editor too...
Beta 4 Already
Well a lot sooner than I planned, here's beta 4. I would have waited longer to up the version but beta 3 had some nasty problems. So, here's what's new:

Code: [Select]
- The usual bug fixes and improvements
- Added "Convert to ANIMDEFS" function to context menu when ANIMATED and/or SWITCHES lumps are selected
- TGA and TIFF support
- Added new cvar gl_tex_enable_np2 which will completely disable non-power-of-two textures if set to false (set it in slade3.cfg)
- Fixed problem where saving an archive took much too long
- Added support for viewing BMF fonts
- Colormaps and translation tables can now be viewed (temporary, i plan to get a full colormap editor/previewer going eventually)
- Can now open embedded zips
- Several new text types recognised

Barring any real problems I'm hoping to have the TEXTUREx editor mostly complete by the next beta release :)
The Third Beta
Well I figure it's about time to release another beta. A lot of stuff has been added since the last beta version, most of it added by Gez (a huge thanks to him, I probably would never have gotten around to putting in most of that stuff :)). So anyway, in ancient SLADE tradition, here's a list of new stuff:

Code: [Select]
- Many bug fixes and small improvements
- Support for many new graphic formats:
   Various Doom alpha/beta gfx formats, AUTOPAGE, planar (Hexen STARTUP), ZDoom IMGZ/FON1/FON2, VGA-ROM, PCX
- TEXTUREx entries can now be viewed (still very WIP though)
- Support for Strife and Doom alpha/beta TEXTUREx entries
- Can now view all PLAYPAL palettes (instead of just the first)
- Gfx preview should now work on video cards that don't support non-power-of-two OpenGL textures
- Added ability to scroll the gfx viewer (via up/down/left/right keys or dragging right click)
- Added support for ZDoom alPh/tRNS chunks
- Added ability for 'portable' install, where all configuration files etc are stored in the application directory (currently activated by creating a file called 'portable' in the SLADE application directory)
- ANIMATED and SWITCHES entry viewer (editing coming eventually)
- Can now open/edit archives within archives (wad maps within pk3s, for example)

Perhaps I'll try to get a monthly beta release going from now on. Still a fair few things to go before the final v3.0 release...
The Third Coming?
Well it's about time I actually got around to updating this place - nearly 3 years gap is much too long, especially considering I actually hadn't (completely) stopped SLADE development over that time.

What's happened since the last update? Many things :P. SLADE 2 was abandoned not too long after the beta release, mostly due to waning interest on my part but also because I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the way I coded a lot of it. Not to mention the editor was fine enough for me to get by with. But of course over time my interest in coding it gradually returned. Attempting to continue work on the SLADE 2 codebase, though, made me realise just how badly i'd done some things, and I found it quite hard to understand some of the stuff I'd written myself :P

The thought of rewriting the map editor yet again to do (pretty much) the same thing was also quite offputting though, so I decided to do something different. Another program of mine, SLumpEd, was in a similar situation to SLADE 2. Why not combine the two into a complete editing package? SLADE3 aims to be just that :)

Since then it has been coming along slowly but surely, and recently I've released a couple of beta versions for testing - which you can grab from the downloads section (at your own risk, mind you - it's a 'testing' release for a reason :P). As of now I hope to have the wad/resource editor stuff finished soon, and the map editor in a working state by the end of the year.

More to come, soon!
SLADE v2.00 Beta 1!
Whee, so it's about time I properly released some version of 2.0. In case you didn't know, 2.0 is a near-complete rewrite of SLADE (yet again :P), with many improvements over the 1.x series. Well it's not entirely finished, but close enough for a beta release ;) Here's what's new and also what's missing:

-> Near complete rewrite
-> Major rework of the internal map handling and a bunch of other stuff
-> New default colour scheme, changed the way colour schemes work too
-> PK3/Zip format support
-> ZDBSP now built-in as the gl-node builder and default nodebuilder
-> Greatly improved line/shape drawing
(it's now possible to draw 'over' existing lines)
-> Multiple bindings for controls now possible
-> No more 'setting up' 3d mode (except for building gl nodes), so it should start up much faster
-> Basic sky preview in 3d mode
-> Much improved 2d editor speed
-> Moved resources to slade.pk3 (instead of 'res' and 'games' folders)
-> 'Hide Unused Textures' option in the texture browser
-> Added some useful console commands (see console.txt)
-> Configuration is now saved in the user's home directory rather than the SLADE application directory
-> Hopefully much more stable than 1.x ;)

MISSING FROM PREVIOUS (will come in later 2.0 betas / 2.0 final):
-> 3d Mode slopes
-> Fancy script editor with hilighting etc
-> Few more things I'm sure

Whew so that's it. Head over to the downloads section to grab it, as per usual.
SLADE v1.13
Bit of a break there, but whatever, here's 1.13:

-> 'Hide IWAD Textures' option in texture browser
-> DECORATE things are now parsed (scaling and transparency also supported)
-> Many improvements to the ACS editor, including hilighting and autocomplete
-> Map panning (shift+right click by default)
-> Various bugfixes and (slight) performance improvements

And it's 1.12
New SLADE version, 1.12. Here's the changes:

-> 'Import Map' feature
-> Grid level now shown on the status bar
-> Rotate feature
-> Affected line lengths are shown while moving vertices/lines/sectors
-> X/Y Axis mirroring (map architecture and things)
-> 'Run map' option (configurable)
-> Node builder paths are now configurable (plus added bsp as a nodebuilder)
-> Improved context menus
-> Changed rectangle draw to 'shape draw'. A drawing options sidebar is now available to select the type of shape to draw, and options for that shape
-> New 'Theme' sidebar, to select default textures/properties for new sectors
-> Line drawing controls are now configurable
-> Added new controls 'edit_createitem2', '3d_reset_xoffset' and '3d_reset_yoffset' (check the online documentation for details)
-> Also added controls to copy/paste offsets in 3d mode
-> View related controls now work while line/shape drawing
-> 'Paint room' for 3d mode now works on flats (paints adjacent flats of the same height)
-> Bugfixes and random improvements

Also you may notice I've put up the beginnings of some SLADE documentation. There isn't much there yet, but I'll add to it gradually (and anyone can feel free to write some for me, too :P).
v1.11 Released
SLADE v1.11 is now available at the downloads section. I didn't get around to doing everything I wanted for this version, but it has some important changes that really couldn't wait. Here's a full list:

-> Line and sector specials are now shown on their respective edit dialogs
-> Thing and line flags are now defined in game configurations instead of being hardcoded
-> Page Up/Down keys now work in the texture browser
-> Greatly reduced loading time, textures are no longer all loaded at startup
-> Tab and Return keys now work in the input preferences dialog
-> Simple 'create sector' function (doesn't work in all situations though)
-> Hexen-format line and thing information is shown on the infobar (args etc)
-> 'Light gradient' function
-> Added ability to set a 'background texture' in 2d mode, useful for aligning map architecture to flat textures
-> Thing args are now saved properly when changed
-> Added back the 'Checks' menu
-> Reimplemented support for HIRESTEX textures (defines and remaps)
-> Bugfixes

Also, there is a new SLADE svn available here on So yeah, if you want all the latest updates, compile the source from there ;)
1.1 Is Here
Much sooner than expected, I've released SLADE v1.1. There is no linux source available yet, because I can't boot into linux at the moment to try compiling it. I'm guessing from my previous experience with wxWidgets+Linux, there will be plenty of problems to do with strings (unicode/ascii conversion stuff). Not saying it's impossible to compile in linux though, just it'll take some work as it stands at the moment.

Anyway here's the new stuffage:

-> Moved UI to wxWidgets, which looks much better in Windows while keeping cross-platform capability
-> Map preview in the wad manager
-> Improvements to the args editing UI stuff
-> Option to scale text messages in 3d mode
-> Improved hilight lines in 3d mode
-> Context menus in line and sector edit mode (pops up the edit->line or edit->sector menus. Right click by default)
-> Middle click to snap to the nearest vertex in line draw mode
-> Mouse wheel is now configurable and usable for 3d mode controls

So go to the downloads section and download, for great justice and whatnot. Oh yeah, and you'll have to either delete slade.cfg or select 'restore defaults' in the edit->preferences->input dialog, because of some input system changes from GTK to wxWidgets. Otherwise most input controls won't work at all :P
The wxWidgets port of SLADE is coming along nicely, and if it keeps going at this rate it'll be ready early february. All I have left to do now is finish some of the UI stuff and get it to compile in linux/mingw.
1.02 for the new year
To kick off 2006, here's version 1.02 of SLADE:

-> Added keys to copy/paste Sidedef data in 3d mode
-> Texture browser textures can be sorted by usage frequency
-> Status bar on the editor window
-> Improvements to line drawing (drawing 'over' vertices now works correctly)
-> Changed input system to include mouse buttons, so now they are properly configurable
-> Added keys to increase/decrease sector(s) light level in 2d mode (; and ' by default)
-> Grid snap is now toggleable
-> Bugfixes etc

I've actually been sitting on this for a while, just haven't gotten around to releasing it until now. So what's next? I've started porting the GUI over to wxWidgets, which works much better in windows than GTK (and uses GTK in linux :P). From a coding point of view it's much easier to work with since it is written in c++ rather than c. Anyway I'll probably have the first wxWidgets version out sometime in february or march, which will be version 1.1.
Another version already
SLADE v1.01 is here. New stuff here:

-> Copy+Paste
-> 3d mode resolution selection
-> Fixed some problems with slopes in 3d mode
-> Window properties are now saved
-> Scroll wheel now works in the 2d editor (zoom in/out)

There are also plenty of bugfixes too. As always, grab it from the downloads section right now :P
A Patch Already
I've uploaded a patch for v1.0 (v1.0a) that fixes a few bugs and adds a few minor features. Here's some changelog stuff:

+ Added functionality to the 'New Map' button on the wad manager window
* Sometimes the map/grid lists wouldn't update correctly (casing them to disappear at certain times)
* PNG files missing an alpha channel wouldn't load correctly
* Starting 3d mode with no map open would crash
+ Added option to invert the mouse Y axis in 3d mode
+ Gravity in 3d mode is now toggleable
~ A message is now shown if a hexen format map is loaded when a non-hexen format game is selected
* Textures weren't reloading properly (I wasn't clearing the PNAMES data)
It Be Unleashed
Well it's been a few months, and now finally I am ready to release SLADE v1.0, now with GTK ;) Head on over to the downloads section to get it. If you have any problems with it, post over at the forum or contact me via IRC (#zdoom on Anyway have fun and that ;)
Getting there
I've updated the screenshots section with a few new dev screens. In one you can see that the zdoom TranslucentLine special is previewed in 3d mode ;) Most of the 3d mode editing stuff is in, and soon it will be ready for an initial release. All that needs to be done is slopes parsing, texture alignment and a few other small things...
New SLADE page layout
Well since Gtk-SLADE is well on the way I figured I'd better update the site design for it. I'm up to rewriting 3d mode, which will probably take a while, as I'm planning writing it from the ground-up with slopes and 3d floors support in mind (possibly even dynamic lights, who knows :P).

Also I have set up a BerliOS project page for it, so you can check out the changelog and/or source via SVN.
Update 31st August, 2005
SLADE 0.6 is released. Here be what is new:

-> Slopes in 3d mode
-> Merge/Join sectors (j or ctrl+j by default)
-> 'Extrude lines' feature.
-> Smaller zoom increments with + and - keys (mouse scroll for large increments)
-> Changed handling of non-power-of-two textures. They should tile correctly in 3d mode now. As a side-effect, drivers with OpenGL 2.0 support are now needed to display these textures correctly (if gl_filter isn't set to 3)...

Yup, that's right, slopes support in 3d mode! Before you get too excited I have to mention that it's not complete, but should be fine for most things. For now only line 181 (plane_align) and the 'slope to here' things are processed, and sometimes the walls at the sides of a slope will be missing. The missing textures bug is something I can't really fix unless I rewrite how 3d mode works.

Speaking of rewriting, I've started work on 'Gtk-SLADE', which is SLADE, but using GTK for the user interface. So, v0.6 will be the last SDL/text-ui version of SLADE. I'll post further updates on Gtk-SLADE later, for now it's on hold until MS releases RC1 of Visual Studio 2005. Earlier versions didn't like Gtkmm (which is what I'm using), and so far I've been forced to use Dev-Cpp, which isn't too bad but lacks good debugging, which I am in need of at the moment :P.
Update 2nd June, 2005
The 0.5 linux source is now up at the downloads page. Thanks to miffe for putting that together! Also, I guess I should mention that slopes support in 3d mode is on the way, and should be in the next release of SLADE ;)
Update 31st May, 2005
SLADE 0.5 released! New stuff in this version:

-> New 'draw rectangle' feature, shift+space by default
-> Changed how keys.cfg works, now it looks uglier, but I don't have to include it with every SLADE release any more, so you get to keep your controls config when you update SLADE ;)
-> New 'create stairs' and 'create door' options in the edit menu when in sectors mode
-> Thing editing in 3d mode (only change angle and z-height for now)
-> ZDoomGL hires textures support (via HIRESTEX lump)
-> Different sort modes for the texture browser: 'alphabetical' and 'frequency of use'
-> Most menu options should work now ;)
-> 'Change skin' option in the menu. Also there's a new section in slade.cfg to define your own skins
-> 3 new skins: 'flatish', 'simple' and 'simple2'
-> Crosshair and mouse pointer now skin-independant (you can specify what crosshair/pointer you want in slade.cfg)
-> The usual random bugfixes

Also, I've written a simple tutorial for SLADE (creating a 2-rooms-with-door map). Hopefully I'll get around to writing more SLADE tutorials. I'd advise people to read it, because, even though it's simple, it shows off some of the time-saving editing features in SLADE ;)

Lastly, Miffe has set up a SVN for SLADE, which I'll post about when it's up and running properly. Hopefully the 0.5 source I have up will compile in linux, but if not, either patch it up yourself or check the forums about the SVN...
Update 10th May, 2005
The v0.4 source is up. I'm looking for someone to port it to Linux, if anyone is interested.
Update 9th May, 2005
Whee, SLADE v0.4 is here! Whats new, you ask? Why, this:

-> Editing in 3d mode
-> Thing sprites in 2d and 3d modes
-> ZDoom maps support (minus generalized sector types, for now)
-> Now reads textures from ZDoom TX_ markers (PNG and Doom Patches)
-> Mouse can now be used to select menu items
-> Console in 3d mode (for testing mainly)
-> Line Drawing
-> Lots of other stuff

Head over to the download page to get it! And please report any bugs over at the forums. Without that I can't make SLADE any better ;) Oh, also there's no source release yet. I'll upload that once I clean it up a bit :P
Update 15th February, 2005
Well I think it's time for a release. It's pretty much at the same state as it was at v0.11, except with a few new features that I'm pretty sure are all discussed in previous news posts :P. Also, I've released the source code in case anyone's interested or wants to help me out. Head on to the download page to get it. Lastly, I've setup a forum for SLADE here.
Update 14th January, 2005
Heh, a month has passed and still no release. Basically I ran into the boring parts to code, and now with a holidays/girlfriend/job combo I don't really have much time to work on it. But a few days ago I managed to make a bit of progress, and all that I really need to do now is the texture browser, sector creation and finish off the menus. So I'm hoping to release a new version sometime late January or early February.
Update 3rd December, 2004
Whelp, A few days ago I managed to totally screw my hard drive partition table, which resulted in a total reformat, and attempted data recovery. Well, I recovered most of the SLADE source, but unfortunately not all of it (including the 3d mode and texture loading stuff :/). But never fear, I'm already half way through rewriting SLADE now, and I should have the next version out sometime next week. Rewriting it has had it's merits, too. Now the game configurations have a much nicer format, and also I've added support for custom ui skins ;) (not to mention the code is a whole bunch nicer this time around... so I'll probably do a source release for the next version too).
Update 24th November, 2004
SLADE v0.11 is now available for download. The only real new feature is a 3d preview mode. It's not complete yet, I still have to get it rendering 2-sided middle textures (bars, etc), and I have to figure out how the bsp tree works so it doesn't have to render the whole map constantly :P. I've also started on some preliminary Hexen format support: SLADE will now load up Hexen-format maps correctly, as long as you use the right config file (z_doom2 and z_doom1 for now). Anyway hopefully soon I'll have full ZDoomHexen support done...