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Bookmarks are a handy feature of SLADE 3 to quickly access a selection of entries from any of the currently opened archives. This is especially useful with large archives where scrolling through the entry list, or typing the first few letters of the entry, can become tedious quickly when you have to frequently access the same few entries, as well as in archive formats based on directory trees since climbing up and down the folder hierarchy can be a waste of time.

Bookmarking an entry

This is done simply by a right-click on the entry in the entry list. Click on "Bookmark" in the context menu that appears. The entry is now bookmarked.

It is also possible to bookmark directories.

Accessing the bookmark list

Bookmarks are on the second tab in the archive manager. (Use Ctrl-1 or the "View" menu to toggle the archive manager.) Each bookmark is identified by its entry name as well as the name of the archive it comes from.

Double-click on any bookmark to jump back to it instantly. Alternatively, you can also use the "Go To" option from the context menu when right-clicking on a bookmark.

Removing bookmarks from the list

Right-click on a bookmark and select "Remove" in the context menu to delete a bookmark.

Closing an archive also removes all bookmarks from that archive.