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Official Releases

The best place to find the latest releases is the Downloads Page on the SLADE website, as this wiki page may not always be kept fully up to date.

Alternatively, all releases will also be available for download from the Releases page at GitHub.

Latest Beta Release

SLADE v3.1.1 beta 3 (1st February, 2016)

Latest Official Release

SLADE v3.1.0.5 (18th September, 2015)

Note that SLADE v3.1.x requires the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Runtimes to run. Please download and install the x86 runtimes before trying to run this version, if you haven't installed them already.

Development Builds

Unofficial Builds on DRD Team (regularly updated)

Unofficial Linux Builds (Monsterovich) (regularly updated)

Note that SLADE development builds require the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Runtimes to run.

Older Releases

Here are old releases that are no longer supported

SLADE v2.0 Beta 1 (7th June, 2007)

SLADE v1.13 (23rd May, 2006)