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Key Bindings

This page lists all the available keyboard shortcuts in SLADE, their default bindings, and where they are used.

Map Editor Key Bindings - As the map editor has many different keyboard shortcuts, they are listed on a separate page.


Action Default Keys Description
Copy Ctrl+C -
Cut Ctrl+X -
Paste Ctrl+V -
Select All Ctrl+A -

Entry List

These shortcuts can be used while the entry list is focused.

Action Default Keys Description
New Entry Ctrl+N -
Delete Entry Delete -
Move Entry up Ctrl+U -
Move Entry down Ctrl+D -
Rename Entry Ctrl+R
Import to Entry Ctrl+I -
Import Files Ctrl+Shift+I -
Export Entry Ctrl+E -
Up one directory Backspace -

Text Editor

These shortcuts can be used in the text editor

Action Default Keys Description
Open Autocompletion list Ctrl+Space -
Open CallTip Ctrl+Shift+Space -
Find/Replace Ctrl+F -
Find next F3 -
Jump to Ctrl+J -

Texture Editor

These shortcuts can be used in the texture editor

Action Default Keys Description
Move Patch left Ctrl+Left -
Move Patch left 8 Left -
Move Patch up Ctrl+Up -
Move Patch up 8 Up -
Move Patch right Ctrl+Right -
Move Patch right 8 Right -
Move Patch down Ctrl+Down -
Move Patch down 8 Down -
Add Patch Insert -
Delete Patch Delete -
Replace Patch Ctrl+R
Duplicate Patch Ctrl+D -
Bring Patch forward ] -
Send Patch back [ -
Move Texture up Ctrl+Up
Move Texture down Ctrl+Down
New Texture Ctrl+N -
New Texture from Patch Ctrl+Shift+N -
New Texture from File Ctrl+Alt+N -
Delete Texture Delete -