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Map Editor


The SLADE map editor has a variety of features, including support for a range of formats and port-specific features, and many tools to help speed up and simplify map editing.

  • Support for Doom, Hexen and UDMF format maps
  • 'Split' game configuration system - just select a game and a port, no long list of 'ZDoom + Doom 2', 'ZDoom + Doom 1' etc. configs
  • Syncs up with the resource editor - changed a texture? it'll update in the map editor
  • Nice looking, smoothly animated 2d map editor view
    • Textured sectors
    • Filled sector hilight/selection (optional)
    • Multiple thing view styles
  • Advanced line drawing
    • Can draw lines overlapping or splitting other lines
    • On finishing line draw, sectors are automatically built, no need to play around with sector references
  • Shape drawing
    • Same advantages as line drawing, allows for faster drawing of simple shapes, eg. draw a rectangle with 2 clicks instead of 5
    • Currently supports square/rectangle and circle/ellipse shapes, with more simple shapes to come in future versions
  • 'Object Edit' tool - similar to DB2's 'edit' mode
    • Move and scale by dragging the edit box from the middle or edges
    • Rotate by holding ctrl and dragging the edit box corners
    • A bar will show at the bottom of the window allowing manual entry of offset/scale/rotation values
  • 3d editing mode
    • No need to build nodes
    • Allows unlimited view distance (not recommended on old hardware and/or very complex maps)
    • A reasonably accurate preview of what the map will look like in-game with correct Doom aspect ratio, simulated depth fading and shaded orthogonal walls
    • Walls, flats and things can be selected and deselected, allows editing multiple at once
    • Shift+click to 'flood-select' similar adjacent walls or flats
  • Support for advanced port features
    • ZDoom UDMF enhancements
    • Sector colouring preview in 2d/3d modes
    • Flat scaling, offsets and rotation preview in 2d/3d modes
    • ZDoom DECORATE thing definitions support
  • Categorised texture and thing type browsers
  • Script editor - with syntax highlighting and autocompletion (ACS only for now)