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Map Editor Key Bindings
## Contents 1. [General](map-editor-key-bindings#general) 1. [General 2D Mode](map-editor-key-bindings#general-2d-mode) 1. [Lines Mode](map-editor-key-bindings#lines-mode) 1. [Sectors Mode](map-editor-key-bindings#sectors-mode) 1. [Things Mode](map-editor-key-bindings#things-mode) 1. [General 3D Mode](map-editor-key-bindings#general-3d-mode) 1. [3D Mode Camera](map-editor-key-bindings#3d-mode-camera) 1. [3D Mode Light Level](map-editor-key-bindings#3d-mode-light-level) 1. [3D Mode Offsets](map-editor-key-bindings#3d-mode-offsets) 1. [3D Mode Scaling](map-editor-key-bindings#3d-mode-scaling) 1. [3D Mode Walls](map-editor-key-bindings#3d-mode-walls) 1. [3D Mode Flats](map-editor-key-bindings#3d-mode-flats) 1. [3D Mode Things](map-editor-key-bindings#3d-mode-things)


These shortcuts are either situational or can be used no matter what the current edit mode is.

Action Default Keys Description
Accept edit Enter -
Cancel edit Escape -
Toggle 3d mode Q -
Take Screenshot Ctrl+Shift+P -

General 2D Mode

These shortcuts can be used in any 2D editing mode (Vertices, Lines, Sectors or Things)

Action Default Keys Description
Clear selection C -
Pan view Mouse3
Toggle item move mode Z -
Zoom in (towards mouse) MWheelUp -
Zoom out (towards mouse) MWheelDown -
Zoom in (towards screen center) + -
Zoom out (towards screen center) - -
Zoom in, show current object Shift++
Zoom out, show full map Shift+-
Scroll left Left -
Scroll right Right -
Scroll up Up -
Scroll down Down -
Increment grid level [ -
Decrement grid level ] -
Vertices mode V -
Lines mode L -
Sectors mode S If already in a sector edit mode, cycles to the next sector edit mode (Normal → Floors → Ceilings)
Things mode T -
Cycle flat type Ctrl+F -
Split nearest line Ctrl+Shift+S -
Lock/unlock hilight Ctrl+H -
Begin line drawing Space -
Begin shape drawing Shift+Space -
Create object Insert -
Delete object Delete -
Copy object properties Ctrl+Shift+C -
Paste object properties Ctrl+Shift+V -
Begin object edit E See object edit for more info

Lines Mode

These shortcuts can only be used when in lines edit mode

Action Default Keys Description
Change texture(s) Ctrl+T Opens the quick texture selector
Flip line(s) F -
Flip line(s) but not sides Shift+F -
Begin tag edit Shift+T -

Sectors Mode

These shortcuts can only be used when in sectors edit mode

Action Default Keys Description
Light level up 16 ' If the map is in UDMF format with ZDoom extensions enabled, the behaviour changes depending on the sector edit mode:
  • Normal: Changes the sector light level
  • Floors: Changes the floor light level
  • Ceilings: Changes the ceiling light level
  • Light level up 1 Shift+' See above
    Light level down 16 ; See above
    Light level down 1 Shift+; See above
    Floor height up 8 Ctrl+> -
    Floor height up 1 Ctrl+Shift+> -
    Floor height down 8 Ctrl+< -
    Floor height down 1 Ctrl+Shift+< -
    Ceiling height up 8 Alt+> -
    Ceiling height up 1 Alt+Shift+> -
    Ceiling height down 8 Alt+< -
    Ceiling height down 1 Alt+Shift+< -
    Height up 8 > Behaviour depends on the sector edit mode:
  • Normal: Changes both the floor and ceiling heights
  • Floors: Changes the floor height
  • Ceilings: Changes the ceiling height
  • Height up 1 Shift+> See above
    Height down 8 < See above
    Height down 1 Shift+< See above
    Change texture(s) Ctrl+T Behaviour depends on the sector edit mode:
  • Normal: Opens the quick sector texture selector
  • Floors: Opens the texture browser for the floor texture
  • Ceilings: Opens the texture browser for the ceiling texture
  • Join sectors J -
    Join sectors (keep lines) Shift+J -

    Things Mode

    These shortcuts can only be used when in things edit mode

    Action Default Keys Description
    Change type Ctrl+T Opens the thing type browser for the currently selected thing(s)
    Quick angle edit D Begins quick angle edit mode for the currently selected thing(s)

    General 3D Mode

    Action Default Keys Description
    Toggle fog F -
    Toggle full brightness B -
    Adjust brightness Shift+B -
    Toggle camera gravity G -
    Release mouse cursor Tab -
    Clear selection C -
    Toggle thing display T Cycles between 3 thing display modes:
  • All
  • Decorations Only
  • None
  • Cycle thing render style Shift+T Cycles between 3 thing render modes:
  • Sprite Only
  • Sprite + Ground Box
  • Sprite + Full Box
  • Toggle hilight H Cycles between 3 hilight render modes:
  • None
  • Outline
  • Full
  • Copy texture or thing type Ctrl+C
    Depends on the currently hilighted object:
  • Thing: Copies thing type
  • Wall or Flat: Copies texture
  • Paste texture or thing type Ctrl+V
    Toggle information overlay I -
    Quick Texture Ctrl+T Begins quick texture selection mode

    3D Mode Camera

    Camera movement speed is doubled if Shift is held down

    Action Default Keys Description
    Camera forward W -
    Camera backward S -
    Camera strafe left A -
    Camera strafe right D -
    Camera move up Up -
    Camera move down Down -
    Camera turn left Left -
    Camera turn right Right -

    3D Mode Light Level

    Action Default Keys Description
    Sector light level up 16 ' -
    Sector light level up 1 Shift+' -
    Sector light level down 16 ; -
    Sector light level down 1 Shift+; -
    Toggle linked flat light levels Ctrl+L Only has an effect if the map format is UDMF with ZDoom extensions enabled.
    When flat light levels are unlinked, the above shortcuts will behave differently depending on what is hilighted:
  • Floor: Change floor light level
  • Ceiling: Change ceiling light level
  • Wall: Change sector light level
  • 3D Mode Offsets

    Note: Numpad keys assume NumLock is on

    Action Default Keys Description
    X offset up 8 Numpad 4 -
    X offset up 1 Shift+Numpad 4 -
    X offset down 8 Numpad 6 -
    X offset down 1 Shift+Numpad 6 -
    Y offset up 8 Numpad 8 -
    Y offset up 1 Shift+Numpad 8 -
    Y offset down 8 Numpad 2 -
    Y offset down 1 Shift+Numpad 2 -

    3D Mode Scaling

    Action Default Keys Description
    X scale up (large) Ctrl+Numpad 4 -
    X scale up (small) Ctrl+Shift+Numpad 4 -
    X scale down (large) Ctrl+Numpad 6 -
    X scale down (small) Ctrl+Shift+Numpad 6 -
    Y scale up (large) Ctrl+Numpad 8 -
    Y scale up (small) Ctrl+Shift+Numpad 8 -
    Y scale down (large) Ctrl+Numpad 2 -
    Y scale down (small) Ctrl+Shift+Numpad 2 -

    3D Mode Walls

    Action Default Keys Description
    Toggle linked wall offsets Ctrl+O Only has an effect if the map format is UDMF with ZDoom extensions enabled.
    When linked wall offsets is turned off, changing offsets or scaling via the above shortcuts will only affect the hilighted/selected wall parts (eg. upper texture only)
    Auto-align textures on X Ctrl+A -
    Reset wall (offsets and scaling) R -
    Toggle lower unpegged L -
    Toggle upper unpegged U -

    3D Mode Flats

    Action Default Keys Description
    Height up 8 Numpad +
    Height up 1 Shift+Numpad +
    Height down 8 Numpad -
    Height down 1 Shift+Numpad -

    3D Mode Things

    Action Default Keys Description
    Remove Delete -
    Z up 8 Numpad 8 -
    Z up 1 Shift+Numpad 8 -
    Z down 8 Numpad 2 -
    Z down 1 Shift+Numpad 2 -