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Planned Features

Here is a (tentative) list of planned features for future versions of SLADE. Keep in mind that many of these may not be implemented for quite some time, if ever. But feel free to suggest other features nonetheless.


Low Priority

  • "Project" system which allows easier management of large projects with many resources. Rather than dealing with archives/entries, a project will be made up of 'resources' (imported or otherwise), which can be compiled into an archive for release.
  • Ability to perform archive editing operations via the console
    • Possibly allow batch scripts for complex/custom operations
  • Support for data formats/archives from more doom-era games (or newer)

Main (Resource) Editor

High Priority

  • Generic data viewer/editor (for data entries like THINGS/TEXTUREx/DEMO* etc.)
  • Archive merging
  • Archive conversion

Low Priority

  • Font editor
  • Palette+Colormap editor (partly done)
  • ANSI text screen editor
  • Model viewer

Map Editor

High Priority

  • All the editing features from previous versions of SLADE
  • UDMF map format support (mostly done)

Low Priority

  • GZDoom/Legacy 3d floors preview in 3d mode
  • Conversion between different map formats
  • Scripting system for generating/augmenting map structures


A basic roadmap of features planned for upcoming versions of SLADE can be found here

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