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Run Dialog

The Run Dialog is used to select and set up game executables and configurations for running the currently open archive and/or map.

Game Executable

The Game Executable dropdown selects the game executable (port) to run. SLADE comes with configurations for most popular source ports. The and buttons can be used to create or remove game executable configurations if needed.


The Path for the selected game executable must be set before the game can be run. The button will bring up a file browser dialog to browse for the executable file.

Run Configuration

Each game executable configuration can have multiple Run Configurations. A run configuration is basically a set of parameters to use when running the game. These can be set up to easily change run parameters depending on what you need, eg. running a map normally vs running with monsters disabled. As with game executables, the and buttons can be used to create or remove run configurations as necessary.

Run Configuration Setup

Clicking the button will open the setup dialog for the currently selected run configuration. Here you can set the parameters to be used when running the game executable.

To put required information into the parameters when running the game, the following template values can be used:

  • %i - Path to the currently selected base resource archive
  • %r - Path(s) to any currently open resource archive(s)
  • %a - Path to the currently open archive
  • %mn - The name of the currently open map
  • %mw - The number of the currently open map, as required for the doom(2).exe -warp parameter. For example, MAP02 → 02, E1M2 → 1 2

As an example, the ZDoom 'No Monsters' run configuration is -iwad %i -file %r %a +map %mn -nomonsters. Say we are editing MAP02 of project.wad, with texture-pack.wad as a resource archive using doom2.wad as a base resource, the resulting parameters sent to zdoom.exe will be something like the below:

-iwad "C:\Doom\doom2.wad" -file "C:\Doom\texture-pack.wad" "C:\Doom\project.wad" "C:\Doom\sladetemp.wad" +map MAP02 -nomonsters

Extra Parameters

The Extra Parameters text box is a simple way to specify any extra parameters to use, without needing to set up a run configuration. The last used extra parameters will be remembered between SLADE sessions.


The Resources section is used to specify any extra resource archives to use when running the game. Any archives selected here will be put into the %r template as described above. The resources section also has buttons to open a resource archive or open a recent file as a resource archive.