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This page explains some of the terminology used in SLADE that may not be immediately self-explanatory.


An entry is simply a named chunk of data. In a Doom WAD file, each entry is traditionally referred to as a 'Lump'. Since SLADE deals with more than just WAD files, a more generic name was needed, hence entry.


An archive is any kind of collection of entries brought together in a single file. WAD, ZIP, PAK and PK3 files are all examples of Archives.

Base Resource Archive

The Base Resource Archive in SLADE is where it gets any data that is missing from the archive being edited. For example, Doom format graphics do not contain any kind of colour information. This colour information needs to come from a palette (PLAYPAL in Doom). When viewing these graphics (and 'Existing/Global' is selected in the palette dropdown), SLADE will try to find a palette in the current archive, and if it doesn't exist there, it will look in the currently loaded Base Resource Archive.

Most of the time, you will want the Base Resource Archive to be the IWAD for the current game you are editing for - eg. doom2.wad if you are working on a Doom 2 project.