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Unix Compilation

Required Libraries

To compile SLADE3 on UNIX-based systems, the following libraries are required:

  • wxWidgets 3.0+ (NOT 2.8): As wxWidgets 3.0 is not currently available in most package-based distros, it may have to be compiled itself. When ./configure-ing wxWidgets, you will need to specify --enable-mediactrl and --enable-webview. Instructions for compiling wxWidgets can be found in "docs/gtk/install.txt" in the wxWidgets tarball. See the step-by-step Ubuntu compilation section for more info. Also note that the packaged wxWidgets 3.0 for FreeBSD is compiled with backtrace disabled, preventing compilation of SLADE's crash handler if you did not compile wxWidgets from source.
  • FreeImage: It is recommended to download/compile/install the latest version of FreeImage from the website, as compilation is very simple and the version in the package manager may be out of date.
  • SFML v2.0: Packages and compilation instructions can be found on the SFML website. Make sure to install v2.0 and not any earlier version.
  • FluidSynth v1.1.3.
  • FTGL

Compiling with CMake

CMake can also be used to compile SLADE. To build using cmake, first make sure cmake is installed, then cd to /dist, run 'cmake ..' then 'make'. That should be all there is to it.