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Wiki Contribution Rules and Guidelines

Want to contribute to the SLADE wiki? Great! It's open to anyone with a (free) GitHub user account, so feel free to add new documentation or tutorials, and/or update any existing pages if needed.

As this wiki is available via the SLADE website and from within SLADE itself, there are a few formatting limitations that need to be considered when writing up a page for the wiki, as the parser used to convert the pages for use on the website has some limitations.

Page Format

All pages must be in Markdown format, as that is (currently) the only format supported by the SLADE website wiki parser. Pages in any other format will come up with a 'Not Found' error.

Markdown Text Formatting Requirements


Links to external pages or other wiki pages must be in standard Markdown format:

[Link Text](http://link-url)

Links to other pages on the wiki should use the full URL for the page:

If you don't need custom link text, simply writing the link in plain text will work fine, eg.


Images must be formatted as standard HTML IMG tags:

<IMG SRC=http://link-to-image />

To center an image, use paragraph tags like so:

<P ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC=... /></P>

Images must be uploaded to an external host. Imgur is recommended, and you can sign up there for free.


Lists (bullet point and numbered) will not go any further than 2 levels on the SLADE website, so try to avoid this. Any indentation levels further than 2 will simply display on the 2nd level.

General Style Guidelines

This section details various style guidelines for SLADE Wiki pages. These do not necessarily need to be followed, however they should be considered for keeping the Wiki pages consistent in style.


If possible, try to stick to using only two heading styles in a page: ## (has horizontal rule) or ### (no horizontal rule) for major headings and #### for subheadings.