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replacespecials Console Command


  • oldspecial: number
  • oldarg1: number (optional)
  • oldarg2: number (optional)
  • oldarg3: number (optional)
  • oldarg4: number (optional)
  • oldarg5: number (optional)
  • newspecial: number
  • newarg1: number (optional)
  • newarg2: number (optional)
  • newarg3: number (optional)
  • newarg4: number (optional)
  • newarg5: number (optional)


Replaces the given old line special oldspecial (and thing special too if appropriate to map format) in all maps in the current archive with newspecial. Optionally, args can also be replaced, as long as the args match (if oldarg2 is specified then newarg2 must also be specified).

Does not currently work for UDMF format maps.

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