Represents a map sector.

Inherits MapObject

All properties and functions of MapObject can be used in addition to those below.


Property Type Description
textureFloor string The floor texture of the sector
textureCeiling string The ceiling texture of the sector
heightFloor number The height of the sector's floor
heightCeiling number The height of the sector's ceiling
lightLevel number The light level of the sector
special number The sector's special
id number The sector's id (tag)
connectedSides MapSide[] An array of all sides that make up this sector
colour Colour The light colour of the sector
fogColour Colour The fog colour of the sector
planeFloor Plane The floor plane of the sector
planeCeiling Plane The ceiling plane of the sector


No Constructors

This type can not be created directly in scripts.




  • Point position: Point coordinates in map units

Returns boolean

Returns true if position is inside the sector.