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First v3.2.0 Beta Released
Wed, Jun 03 2020

As promised last post, the first beta release of SLADE v3.2.0 is up. As with most major SLADE releases, it's been a long time coming :P

A majority of the changes in this release are under the hood, with a major refactor and cleanup of the codebase. This should hopefully result in improved performance and stability (though as a beta release, stability isn't necessarily guaranteed just yet).

One of the most noticeable changes this release is the reworked UI, including a new default icon set that scales to larger sizes properly. For full details see the full changes list below.

The scripting system has also seen many changes and additions, including a new (and 'final') API. Any scripts for 3.1.X will need to be changed to work with 3.2.0. The biggest change is to capitalization of functions, which are now in PascalCase instead of camelCase. The documentation has also been moved to an external site (, which will allow for versioned documentation in the future, and automatically keeps up to date with the latest in the SLADE git repository.

A full list of changes is below:


  • Major under-the-hood improvements to modernise and clean up the codebase, with increased stability and performance in mind

UI Refresh

3.2.0 includes a 'refresh' of various parts of the UI:

  • A new default icon set, built from SVGs to allow it to scale to larger sizes without being blurred
  • Toolbars have received a bunch of updates:
    • Can now be laid out vertically
    • Groups can now be added to the opposite end of the toolbar
    • No longer expand to multiple rows (was causing too many weird layout issues)
    • When groups don't fit, they are instead added to a menu under an extra 'overflow' button at the end of the toolbar
    • Buttons now correctly darken when clicked
    • Various other minor things
  • Creating a new archive is now done via a single 'New Archive' action, which pops up a dialog to select the archive type. Now also allows Quake PAK archives to be created
  • Moved a bunch of toolbar buttons from the main toolbar to down next to the entry list. This should hopefully make it more clear that they affect the selected entries in some way
  • Entry action tool buttons are now disabled if no entry is selected
  • The group box around the current EntryPanel now shows the entry name in it's label instead of 'Entry Contents'
  • The EntryPanel-surrounding group box is now hidden if the entry is opened in a standalone tab, which saves a bit of screen real-estate
  • Entry list filter controls can now be toggled on/off
  • Entry list icon size and padding is now configurable
  • Added an option to condense the translation dialog a bit vertically at the cost of a smaller image preview frame
  • Rearranged toolbars for palette, gfx and texturex/pnames editors
  • Bookmarks improvements
    • Bookmark action now toggles the bookmark on the entry
    • Bookmarked entries are shown with bold text in the entry list
    • Added a bookmarks toolbar button with a dropdown menu to switch between bookmarks
    • Added keyboard shortcut for the bookmark action (Ctrl+B)
  • The zoom slider in the gfx and texture editors has been replaced with a more compact control, with +/- zoom buttons and a combobox to set the zoom %

Resource Editor

  • Support for Ion Fury (thanks @mykola-ambar)
    • Added palette
    • Support Ion Fury .art files
  • Multi-image selector for gfx entries replaced with a spinbox (thanks @mykola-ambar)
  • Added Exhumed (Powerslave) palette (thanks @mykola-ambar)
  • Added .VOX -> .KVX voxel model conversion (thanks @mykola-ambar)

Map Editor

  • Added toggleable point light previews in 2d things mode
  • Vertex info overlay improvements
    • Display position as float if fractional
    • Show floor/ceiling height if set (UDMF)


  • Updated/'finalised' API
    • Scripts written for 3.1.X will need to be updated to work with the new API, but from now there should be no further breaking changes to it, just additions
  • Updated documentaion, has moved to
    • By moving it here it's much easier for me to update, and also allows for versioned scripting documentation (eg. docs for 3.1.12, 3.2.0, latest git build, etc.)
  • Expanded scripting capabilities:
    • Graphics manipulation including palettes and translations
    • Composite textures (TEXTUREx/PNAMES)

The final release of 3.2.0 is still a ways off, with a fair few things I'd like to get done for it, including:

  • Replace the entry list with a tree for archives that support directories
  • Basic 3d floors support in the map editor 3d mode
  • Finish and enhance the Script Manager window to also handle things like ZScript and ACS, show compiler output and just generally keep all scripting related things in one place, kind of like a simple IDE
  • Extend the SLADE scripting further to allow for more things to be done, map architecture modification in particular
  • Improve the map editor UI, mainly to expose functionality that is currently only accessible via keybinds (which ends up getting missed by users)
  • Fix/implement as many minor issues from GitHub as possible

Now with most of the codebase refactoring and cleanup out of the way, things should move faster, so expect some of the above to show up in upcoming beta releases 'soon'.

SLADE v3.1.12 Released, v3.2.0 Beta Soon
Tue, May 26 2020

And here we are, SLADE v3.1.12 is released. Another version mostly focusing on minor fixes and improvements, which are listed below:


  • 'Run Archive' and 'Run Map' configurations have been separated, so they should now make more sense for each context
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a toolbar and pressing enter would show/hide the 2nd group in the toolbar (this is what was causing some people to randomly lose the zoom slider in the gfx editor, for example)
  • Added SRB2 .dta as a valid wad file extension

Resource Editor

  • Fixed adjusted offsets not being saved after cropping an image
  • Fixed wrong files being deleted in some situations when saving a directory
  • Fixed an issue where removing a bookmark would always remove the first in the list
  • Fixed 'Open map in DB2' not working for maps in zip/directory archives

Text Editor

  • When the text editor is focused, undo/redo should only process changes made within the text editor (and not eg. entry list changes)

Map Editor

  • Added support for GZDoom slope plane UDMF properties (thanks @Talon1024)
  • Added a 'New TID' button to the Thing properties dialog
  • Added basic support for ZScript inheritance for thing types
  • Remember the selected thing type after 'Change Thing Type' is used


  • Added createDir function to the Archive type (takes a single string argument for the directory path to create)
  • The standard lua print function will now redirect its output to the SLADE console

As with 3.1.11, there are no WinXP or macOS builds for this version, unfortunately.

In other news, 3.2.0 is getting close to being ready for an initial beta release, and lately I've been implementing a bunch of UI improvements for it, among other things. Expect 3.2.0 beta 1 relatively soon...

Another Month, Another Bugfix Release
Wed, Mar 04 2020

Yet another minor bugfix release is here, v3.1.11.

Resource Editor

  • Fixed ordering directories by name
  • Fixed a possible crash on undo in opened directories

Text Editor

  • Fixed text remaining in 'comment' colour when switching to a different text entry
  • Fixed freeze/crash on 'replace all' in certain situations

Get it from the downloads page as per usual, which has been rearranged somewhat to split it by OS (due to the reasons below).

Windows XP
Apparently WinXP builds have been broken since 3.1.6, which I didn't really notice until now. Currently I'm unable to get it to build so I've reverted to 3.1.6 on the downloads page. Since WinXP support was going to be dropped from 3.2.0 onwards I'm not too fussed, but it would be nice to have a 'final' XP build of 3.1.x available when that happens.

The macOS build for 3.1.10 was apparently broken too. I've tried building 3.1.11 for it but it still had the same issue. Because of this, and the fact that 3.1.9 (the last working macOS build) has a pretty major bug, I've reverted the macOS download link back to 3.1.6 as well.

SLADE v3.1.10 Released
Thu, Feb 20 2020

UPDATE 20th Feb: 3.1.10 is up which fixes some major issues in 3.1.9.

The first SLADE release of 2020 is here, v3.1.9 3.1.10. This is most likely going to be the last release of 3.1.x unless any particularly nasty bugs show up.

Here's what is changed since 3.1.8:

Resource Editor

  • Name sorting in the entry list is now case-insensitive
  • Don't show entry delete confirmation prompt if no entry is selected

Text Editor

  • Improved comment handling, issues with block comments should hopefully now be fixed
  • Added an option to disable the up/down arrow keys for switching between function definitions in tooltips
  • Fixed a crash when opening a text entry with no language selected


  • Enabled more standard lua libraries for use in scripts (all except io and os)

Map Editor

  • Recalculate slopes when a thing's z-height is changed in 3d mode
  • Added some extra map editor menu items that were previously keybind-only
  • Added GL sector specials to ZDoom configurations (thanks @Talon1024)

Last but not least, I finally have a macos build up again for this version. Unfortunately the version of wxWidgets used to build it is still old, so all the weird dark theme / opengl bugs are still there, but at least there's an update.

SLADE v3.1.8 Released
Fri, Nov 22 2019

Time for another minor bugfix release - 3.1.8 (at this rate we really will get to 3.1.10 before 3.2.0 is ready :P). The full list of changes is below:


  • Fixed 'use timidity' setting reverting when opening the preferences dialog


  • Updated to wxWidgets 3.1.3, which should fix some text editor highlighting issues
  • FreeImage is now statically linked, so FreeImage.dll is no longer required

Resource Editor

  • Fixed entries sometimes being misidentified as 'Doom Gfx (Snea)' or 'SRB2 Encore'
  • Fixed conversion to Hexen Planar gfx format
  • Fixed 'Replace in Maps' feature not working correctly when run multiple times
  • Fixed display of very long paths above the entry list

Map Editor

  • Field of view is now configurable