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SLADE v3.1.4 Released
Wed, Dec 26 2018

Another minor bugfix-focused release, with the following changes:


  • Fixed a potential crash on closing an archive
  • Fixed some issues related to the 'Use percent encoding if needed outside of Wad Archives' option

Resource Editor

  • Fixed toolbar buttons on the DataEntryPanel (map entries, SWITCHES/ANIMATED, etc.) not working correctly if more than one was open at once
  • DataEntryPanel should now be able to open in its own tab like other entry panels
  • Fixed SWANTBLS -> SWITCHES/ANIMATED conversion
  • When closing an entry that is open in its own tab, the autosave option (save, don't save, ask) is now used, rather than just discarding any changes

Map Editor

  • Optimised some map editor functionality which should improve speed and stability when working with and saving large UDMF maps
  • Full path textures are now truncated such that the texture name is always visible (thanks @Talon1024)
  • Fixed a potential crash after resources are changed while the map editor is open

Also, I'd like to remind anyone using SLADE and having issues - please report the issue. If I don't know about it it's very unlikely to be fixed unless I happen to come across it randomly or someone else reports it.

There are many options to do this, you can:

  • Post a GitHub issue about it
  • Mention it in the official SLADE discord server
  • Post it in the ZDoom forum thread
  • Send me an email about the issue (see the 'Contact' section)
  • If the issue is a crash, click 'Send Crash Report' on the SLADE crash dialog (filling in the 'description' text box also helps)

The best place to report it is on GitHub - it is much easier to keep track of it there and even if I don't get around to fixing it right away someone else may pick it up and fix it via a pull request.

SLADE v3.1.3 Released (nope, not
Sat, Dec 08 2018

A small bugfix release to follow 3.1.2.

Where's the usual 4th version number? Since SLADE sees so few releases, I'm changing over to something like a semantic versioning system (ie. major.minor.revision) rather than the 4-number clunkiness from before where the first number never changes anyway. So as a minor bugfix release this is 3.1.3, where the next major (feature) release will be 3.2.0.

Does this mean we will get a SLADE 4.0.0 eventually? Possibly, though it's more likely to get to 3.10.0 before then :P

Resource Editor

  • Fixed undo/redo for entries open in their own tab
  • Fixed gfx pixel-painting brush overlay being misaligned with high DPI
  • Fixed long pause when closing an archive with a large number of entries

Texture Editor

  • Fixed copy+paste of textures from one TEXTUREx entry to another (thanks @Talon1024)

Text Editor

  • Added support for new Zandronum ACS functions (thanks @crisisinaptica)

Map Editor

  • Added an option to highlight the origin (0,0) on the grid
  • Fixed 'Create New Map' functionality for Doom64 format maps
  • Fixed map checks panel not applying the correct layout if opened as a floating window

As usual, see the downloads page to get it, including the macOS download this time too.

SLADE v3.1.2 Released (Finally)
Tue, Nov 27 2018

Long long overdue, it's finally out after almost 2 years. It doesn't quite have everything planned, and some things are still a little WIP (see: scripting), but it couldn't keep being delayed forever.

As there are a very large number of changes and additions since, I'm only putting a summary here. For more detailed release notes see the change log page.


  • Updated the start page with a new look and layout
  • Improved console panel
  • Improved support for high DPI displays
  • Added support for vanilla-compatible tall gfx patches
  • Added support for SiN archives
  • Translations now work on truecolour images
  • ZScript parsing:
    • Can select a pk3 to load base definitions from (eg. gzdoom.pk3) in the base resource archive dialog
    • Parsed class and function definitions are made available in the ZScript text editor language (for syntax highlighting etc.)
  • Added support for full-path textures in the map editor and texture editor (thanks @Talon1024)

Resource Editor

  • Added various new gfx tools:
    • Basic pixel-editing tools - draw, erase, translate, various brush shapes and sizes
    • Palette Gradient tool (thanks @jmickle66666666)
    • Crop Gfx tool
  • Improvements to existing gfx tools:
    • Palette colours can now be used in colourise/tint/translate tools (right click colour boxes for palette colour selection)
    • Colourise and tint effects can now be used in colour remap
  • Added metadata display for most audio types
  • Many fixes and minor improvements to resource editing tools

Text Editor

  • Code folding
  • Revamped the Find+Replace feature
  • Vastly improved calltips
  • Much more configurable, including many new display and theme options
  • Many improvements and additions to text language definitions

Map Editor

  • Added 'floodfill' feature in 3d mode. This pastes the texture to every adjacent texture
  • Added new map checks
  • Added new 'Special Presets' feature for hexen and UDMF format maps - select from a list of pre-defined specials (currently generated from ZDoom's > XLAT) for quickly setting args and activation trigger flags (custom presets support coming in a later release)

New Scripting Feature
SLADE v3.1.2 introduces a fairly major new feature - scripting. This allows lua scripts to be written that can interact with SLADE and perform various functions. Some documentation for the types and functions that are available in scripts can be found here: (the examples are a good place to start and see some things that are possible). As the docs page says, this feature is still pretty WIP - I'd like to add a fair bit more functionality to it, and the API may change in future releases.

For the next release, the focus is mostly going to be on improving the codebase itself, fixing bugs and just improving overall stability. After that - expanding the scripting system to be able to do more cool stuff, then on to actually implementing some of the things that have been planned since the beginning and I've just kept putting off :P

Beta 5 Released
Mon, Sep 11 2017

Another beta for 3.1.2 is up, with a lot more changes than was originally planned - including improved ZScript support, the ability to write and save different kinds of editor scripts and many improvements to the text editor.

See the full list of changes below:


  • Added new command line options:
    • -nosplash disables the splash window
    • -debug enables debugging info and log messages
  • Eternity port definition updates (thanks @Altazimuth)
  • Added GOG BFG Edition classic IWAD path detection
  • Improved console panel:
    • Now uses the same colours as the text editor
    • Log messages are coloured by type (eg. warnings - yellow)
  • Added 'View -> Toolbars' menu to main windows
  • Fixed a crash on exit in linux

Definition Parsing

  • Added basic ZMAPINFO parsing
    • DoomEdNums parsed from ZMAPINFO are now linked to DECORATE/ZScript classes
  • Improved DECORATE parsing, now properly supports inheritance
  • ZScript is now parsed from a configured (g)zdoom.pk3 file on startup and imported to the 'ZScript' text language
    • Added controls to browse for the pk3 on the base resource configuration panel
  • ZScript in open archives is parsed:
    • Used for thing type definitions in the map editor (same as DECORATE)
    • Imported to the ZScript text editor language (functions and class names only for now)

Resource Editor

  • Don't consider gfx modified if the offset is touched but not actually changed
  • Don't allow duplicate entry names in directory archives
  • Standalone entry tabs now correctly close if the entry is deleted from its parent archive (this could previously cause a crash if the entry tab was switched to after being deleted)
  • Fixed an issue where switching away from a modified entry would sometimes cause multiple save prompts to show
  • Fixed 'access is denied' error log spam while checking directory archives for changes on disk
  • Fixed potential crash on opening/playing HMI music entries
  • Fixed crash on loading certain wav entries (eg. TIRE in action2.wad)
  • Fixed multiple issues with the data grid entry panel:
    • Fixed string cells being filled with junk characters on being modified
    • Fixed cell modification for certain entry types (GENMIDI, PNAMES)
    • Fixed various crashes when trying to perform actions after all rows are removed
    • Modified cell colours are correctly updated after deleting/inserting rows

Text Editor

  • Various improvements to call tips:
    • Use the 'type' colour for types
    • Show the function context (eg. the class or namespace the function belongs to)
    • Show default parameter values where applicable
    • Show (some) ZScript function qualifiers
    • Show all function contexts in hover call tips
    • Show if the function is deprecated (and the deprecated version)
  • The case_sensitive option for text languages now actually works
  • Improvements to word match highlighting:
    • Added a delay before highlighting the word under the cursor
    • Use the selection for matching if there is one
  • Fixed the 'Jump To' dropdown refreshing more often than needed
  • Text language definitions can now define words as block start/end delimiters, lua language now supports code folding
  • Improved text modification checking
  • Added more customisation options:
    • 'Extra Line Height' setting to increase line height
    • 'Indent With Spaces' option
    • 'Show Whitespace' option
  • Fixed slowness with brace matching enabled in windows
  • Improved lexer for ZScript that won't highlight function names if they aren't followed by (


  • Text editors in the script manager window now have full functionality (find+replace, go to line, folding etc.)
  • Added the ability to create and edit different types of editor scripts in the script manager window:
    • Custom scripts - simple scripts that can be run via the script manager
    • Archive scripts - scripts that must contain an execute function taking in an Archive, which will be run on the current archive. Can be run via the 'Archive -> Run Script' menu
    • Entry scripts - scripts that must contain an execute function taking in an array of ArchiveEntry, which will be run on the currently selected entries. Can be run via the 'Entry -> Run Script' menu or the entry context menu
    • Map scripts - scripts that must contain an execute function taking in a Map, which will be run on the current map. Can be run via the 'Tools -> Run Script' menu in the map editor
  • Added ability to view scripting docs in a tab (in menu 'View -> Documentation')

Map Editor

  • Unlock the mouse cursor when the map editor window is closed via keyboard (alt+f4)
  • Significant performance improvements for large maps with ZDoom specials
  • Added line angle display to line info overlay (thanks @Dethernal)
  • Fixed some potential crashes on entering 3d mode
  • Fixed crashes on (re)opening the map editor in certain situations

As per usual, it can be downloaded over at the downloads page.

Wait For SLADEScript(tm)? (New Beta)
Mon, Jul 31 2017

Update Aug 2 - Beta 4 is available which fixes a fairly major issue with beta 3, among other things

A new beta release for v3.1.2 is now available for download.

This beta introduces a fairly major new feature - scripting. This allows lua scripts to be written that can interact with SLADE and perform various functions. Some documentation for the types and functions that are available in scripts can be found here (the examples are a good place to start and see some things that are possible).

As the docs page says, this feature is still pretty WIP - I'd like to add a fair bit more functionality to it, and existing API details may change before 3.1.2 is released.

As for what else is new, here:

New Scripting Feature

  • Added ability to run lua scripts to perform various functions in SLADE
  • Added a new 'Script Manager' window for writing/running SLADE editor scripts. Available in the 'Tools' menu
  • Added script console command to run a lua script. Arguments are concatenated and separated by spaces, to allow entering something like: script App.logMessage('This is a log message')
  • Added ability to define 'Archive' scripts. These are added under the 'Archive -> Scripts' menu, selecting one will run the execute function in the script, passing it the current archive. Custom archive scripts can be put in the <user slade3 dir>/scripts/archive folder on disk (ability to create them in the script manager will come in the next beta)


  • Added an option to control the behaviour of the directory archive external changes check:
    • Always ignore changes
    • Always apply changes
    • Ask (previous behaviour)
  • The 'Run' button in the run dialog is now the default button (so pressing enter will activate it)
  • Updated the start page with a new look and layout, including some other new features:
    • Shows the latest news post from the website if an internet connection is available
    • Optional dark theme (Preferences -> Interface), which also applies to the online documentation
    • The 'Update Available' alert will show on the start page if it is open
    • Added 'View -> Start Page' menu item to the main window to show (or reopen) the start page
  • Fixed a potential crash if timidity fails to launch

Resource Editor

  • Fixed a potential crash when sorting the entry list

Text Editor

  • Added keybinds to comment and uncomment code (thanks @crisisinaptica)
    • Ctrl+/ will comment out the current or selected lines with line comments (eg. //), or uncomment them if they are already commented out
    • Ctrl+Shift+/ works as above, but uses block comments (eg. /* */)
  • . is no longer counted as a 'word' character, so eg. double clicking to select a word will stop at any . rather than including it

Map Editor

  • Fixed issues with certain mouse actions not working when the map view lost focus
  • Fixed a possible crash when deleting map objects/structures
  • Fixed a possible crash when closing the map editor
  • Fixed issues with 3d mode on MacOS with high-DPI displays (thanks @alexey-lysiuk)
  • Fixed line flags in UDMF not using the correct names