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SLADE v3.1.1.3 Released
Tue, Jul 26 2016

Another release of 3.1.1 is out, with the usual minor improvements and bug fixes. The OSX build in particular received various improvements in addition to moving to wxWidgets 3.1.0, which should improve some things on retina displays and resolve a bunch of issues there.

For a full list of changes in, see here.

SLADE v3.1.1.2 Released
Mon, Jun 06 2016

A new version of SLADE is up with a bunch of fixes over, which can be seen here. I wasn't planning on releasing this just yet, but Microsoft decided to move the visual studio runtimes download location which broke the installer. The installer for this version should work properly again, as I've changed it to download the runtimes from the SLADE website, rather than Microsoft.

So Many 1s, Again (SLADE v3.1.1.1 Released)
Wed, Mar 09 2016

Hot on the heels of 3.1.1 comes, with quite a few bug fixes, including some especially major ones - SLADE can actually open maps with slopes in them without crashing now (oops). The release also hopefully resolves some long standing issues with saving zip files and entry data becoming messed up, among various other things which can be viewed here.

In other news, 3.1.2 is still coming along, recently I've been looking at some improvements to the text editor, like code folding, an improved find+replace bar and some better customisation options like the ability to set a global default font for the text editor. Also, eevee has began to make some progress implementing 3d floors preview in 3d mode, which is also planned for 3.1.2.

SLADE v3.1.1 Released
Sun, Feb 28 2016

And it's time for the official release of SLADE v3.1.1. For a full list of changes since see here. The most notable new features are slopes support in the map editor 3d mode, entry list sorting, and a new grid view/editor for various data entry types.

Some work on 3.1.2 is already underway, including the ability to open entries in external editors (eg. graphics in paint), so look forward to that in the first beta of 3.1.2, whenever that is.

Two 1s and Two 3s
Mon, Feb 01 2016

It's beta time again, this time the 3rd beta of 3.1.1. Now that everything for 3.1.1 is completed, this will be the last beta before release, which should be within the next month or so. Hopefully.