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It's Already
Fri, May 29 2015

Due to a few critical issues with, a new version is up already. As usual, changes can be seen at the GitHub release page.

SLADE Released
Sat, May 16 2015

A new minor update to SLADE has been released, which fixes a variety of issues and comes with some minor improvements. Hopefully this will be the last minor release before 3.1.1, unless any nasty bugs show up.

For more information about the changes, see the GitHub release page.

A New Wiki Look
Mon, May 11 2015

In addition to the website visual overhaul detailed last post, the SLADE wiki is now also available directly from the website, styled to match with the rest of the site. The wiki itself is still hosted on GitHub and must be edited there.

In an upcoming release of SLADE the wiki will be available directly within the program (Help → Online Documentation), opened as a tab, as long as there is an active internet connection and wxWebView support is enabled (which is the default in Windows and OSX).

A New Look
Thu, May 07 2015

As you can probably see, the SLADE website has had a bit of a facelift - less rounded edges! softer colours! fancy animations!

For the most part the changes are to the style, with the general layout remaining pretty much the same. The next SLADE release will most likely have an updated start page to match.

As for SLADE development progress, things have been pretty slow recently. Hopefully this will change soon but we'll see. I've earmarked a few more issues on GitHub to address before the next minor release (, which will most likely be the last minor release before 3.1.1. I hope to have it ready soon, and then 3.1.1 some time later this year.

SLADE Released
Fri, Nov 07 2014

A small update for 3.1.0 has been released, with various minor fixes and improvements:


  • Updated language configurations
  • Typing characters when the browser window is focused will update the filter rather than jump to the next matching item
  • Added check for Windows Media Player installation - MIDI playback without a soundfont will now be disabled when WMP is not installed
  • Added (optional) confirmation dialog on exit
  • Added 'SLADE 2' colour configuration (for map editor)
  • Fixed error messages not showing after failed ACC compilation

Resource Editor

  • Texture editor patch browser is now correctly centered when opened
  • Un-check textures from the current base resource by default in 'Remove Unused Textures' function

Map Editor

  • Fixed crash on moving a vertex in a map with no lines
  • Scripts are cleared on creating a new map
  • Fixed possible crash when saving the map while in 3d mode
  • Add the new archive to recent files on map 'Save As' (or saving a new map)
  • Fixed wrong UDMF wall/flat scaling preview
  • Drawing lines anti-clockwise outside of a sector will no longer create invalid lines