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So Many 1s (3.1.1 Beta 1 Released)
Mon, Sep 28 2015

As promised last post, the first beta build of SLADE 3.1.1 is released. There are a few major new features in this release, including slopes support in 3d mode, entry list sorting, a generic data view for various entry types, and more. For a full list of changes, as per usual they can be found on the GitHub release page.

One feature that some may notice is missing, if they have been using the builds from DRDTeam, is the advanced music/audio panel. This feature will be added (back) in a future beta release of 3.1.1.

So head over to the downloads page and try out the beta, if you are so inclined.

SLADE Released
Fri, Sep 18 2015

Yet another 3.1.0 release, hopefully (again) the last. I'm planning on releasing the first beta version of 3.1.1 soon, so look out for that as well.

As per usual, the release notes can be found at the GitHub Release Page.

SLADE Released
Tue, Jun 23 2015

Another month, another minor bugfix release. This one should fix some problems with the configuration resetting, slowness while large directory archives are open, and various other things outlined on the release page here.

It's Already
Fri, May 29 2015

Due to a few critical issues with, a new version is up already. As usual, changes can be seen at the GitHub release page.

SLADE Released
Sat, May 16 2015

A new minor update to SLADE has been released, which fixes a variety of issues and comes with some minor improvements. Hopefully this will be the last minor release before 3.1.1, unless any nasty bugs show up.

For more information about the changes, see the GitHub release page.