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About SLADE3

SLADE3 is a modern editor for Doom-engine based games and source ports. It has the ability to view, modify, and write many different game-specific formats, and even convert between some of them, or from/to other generic formats such as PNG.

SLADE3 can be considered a successor to both SLumpEd and SLADE - it combines the features of both, to create an all-in-one editor. Why does it keep the name of what was previously just a map editor? Because it fits :)

As with SLumpEd and previous versions of SLADE, SLADE3 is fully cross-platform. It can be run on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS/X. So no matter your preferred OS, SLADE3 is available for you.


SLADE has many different features, allowing for a simple yet comprehensive editing experience:

Basic archive/resource editing
All the basic resource management features you'd expect: Create/Open/Save archives, import/export, ordering, conversion and more.

Simple tabbed interface
Open multiple archives at once and switch between them easily via tabs. This enables simple copy/paste from one archive to another, among many other benefits.

Many supported game formats
In addition to full Doom WAD and ZIP/PK3 support, many other game formats are supported, including:

  • Quake PAK/WAD2 and HUD image format
  • Build GRP and ART format images
  • Shadowcaster DAT/LIB along with most of its image formats
  • Amulets & Armor RES, MipImage and UI gfx
  • Many more

Map editing
SLADE3 features an advanced map editor with all the features of the previous SLADE releases - this includes all you would expect from a modern editor, such as line drawing with smart sector building, 3d mode editing, support for advanced ZDoom features and more. The map editor is also fully integrated with the rest of the program, which means it is possible to add or edit resources (textures, for example) and have the changes immediately reflected in the map editor.

Advanced text editor
The SLADE3 text editor can recognise many text based languages, and provide syntax hilighting, function calltips and autocomplete for them. It also has a bunch of other useful text editing features such as autoindent and find / replace.

Graphic conversion
All supported graphic formats can be converted to PNG/DoomGfx/DoomFlat and more, with an advanced graphic conversion dialog that provides conversion options and previews.

Texture editing
Edit doom composite textures (TEXTUREx) with the easy-to-use SLADE3 texture editor.

Much more
For a more detailed list of features SLADE has to offer, take a look at the Features page on the SLADE Wiki.

Supporting SLADE
If you wish to help support SLADE development, feel free to make a small donation, though by no means is this a requirement for continued development. I work on SLADE in my free time as a hobby project and generally enjoy it, which is enough for me.

Additionally, any help on the coding side of things is greatly appreciated - take a look at the list of issues on GitHub, and feel free to submit a pull request.
Below are some screen shots showing off some of the many features of SLADE in action. Click the thumbnails to open the full image.

The basic editor view
Texture editor - also supports ZDoom TEXTURES

Advanced text editor
ANSI screen preview

Convert graphics between formats/palettes
Remap colours in graphics

The map editor
Map editor 3d mode

UDMF format support includes ZDoom extensions