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Latest Stable Release
Get the latest stable version of SLADE for your OS here.

Windows (Vista or newer)
32bit Installer (exe)3.2.1May 13, 202238.1mbSimple installer for Windows
32bit Binaries (7z)3.2.1May 13, 202237.6mbExtract to a directory and run SLADE.exe
64bit Binaries (7z)3.2.1May 13, 202240mbExtract to a directory and run SLADE.exe. Currently the x64 build does not support MIDI playback via fluidsynth.

Windows XP
Binaries (7z)3.1.6Aug 22, 201923.2mbExtract to a directory and run SLADE.exe. Requires the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Runtimes to be installed.

MacOS (10.7 or newer)
App Disk Image (dmg)3.1.6Aug 22, 201913.6mbOpen the dmg file and drag the icon over the Applications icon. Currently wxWidgets has various issues on macOS Mojave with dark mode and OpenGL. Unfortunately there is currently no ETA for fixes for these issues.

Linux Downloads

SLADE is available for linux as a Flatpak on flathub. The flathub page has instructions on how to install.
For information about other installation options in linux, see here.
In-Development Releases
If you really need the latest possible build for Windows without compiling it yourself, you can find dev builds of SLADE below:
Note that these builds are very likely to be unstable and/or contain unfinished features. Use at your own risk.
Extra Files
All other files (including really old versions of SLADE) can be found here