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SLADE v3.1.12
Mon, May 25 2020


  • 'Run Archive' and 'Run Map' configurations have been separated, so they should now make more sense for each context
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a toolbar and pressing enter would show/hide the 2nd group in the toolbar (this is what was causing some people to randomly lose the zoom slider in the gfx editor, for example)
  • Added SRB2 .dta as a valid wad file extension

Resource Editor

  • Fixed adjusted offsets not being saved after cropping an image
  • Fixed wrong files being deleted in some situations when saving a directory
  • Fixed an issue where removing a bookmark would always remove the first in the list
  • Fixed 'Open map in DB2' not working for maps in zip/directory archives

Text Editor

  • When the text editor is focused, undo/redo should only process changes made within the text editor (and not eg. entry list changes)

Map Editor

  • Added support for GZDoom slope plane UDMF properties (thanks @Talon1024)
  • Added a 'New TID' button to the Thing properties dialog
  • Added basic support for ZScript inheritance for thing types
  • Remember the selected thing type after 'Change Thing Type' is used


  • Added createDir function to the Archive type (takes a single string argument for the directory path to create)
  • The standard lua print function will now redirect its output to the SLADE console