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SLADE v2.00 Beta 1!
Whee, so it's about time I properly released some version of 2.0. In case you didn't know, 2.0 is a near-complete rewrite of SLADE (yet again :P), with many improvements over the 1.x series. Well it's not entirely finished, but close enough for a beta release ;) Here's what's new and also what's missing:

-> Near complete rewrite
-> Major rework of the internal map handling and a bunch of other stuff
-> New default colour scheme, changed the way colour schemes work too
-> PK3/Zip format support
-> ZDBSP now built-in as the gl-node builder and default nodebuilder
-> Greatly improved line/shape drawing
(it's now possible to draw 'over' existing lines)
-> Multiple bindings for controls now possible
-> No more 'setting up' 3d mode (except for building gl nodes), so it should start up much faster
-> Basic sky preview in 3d mode
-> Much improved 2d editor speed
-> Moved resources to slade.pk3 (instead of 'res' and 'games' folders)
-> 'Hide Unused Textures' option in the texture browser
-> Added some useful console commands (see console.txt)
-> Configuration is now saved in the user's home directory rather than the SLADE application directory
-> Hopefully much more stable than 1.x ;)

MISSING FROM PREVIOUS (will come in later 2.0 betas / 2.0 final):
-> 3d Mode slopes
-> Fancy script editor with hilighting etc
-> Few more things I'm sure

Whew so that's it. Head over to the downloads section to grab it, as per usual.
SLADE v1.13
Bit of a break there, but whatever, here's 1.13:

-> 'Hide IWAD Textures' option in texture browser
-> DECORATE things are now parsed (scaling and transparency also supported)
-> Many improvements to the ACS editor, including hilighting and autocomplete
-> Map panning (shift+right click by default)
-> Various bugfixes and (slight) performance improvements

And it's 1.12
New SLADE version, 1.12. Here's the changes:

-> 'Import Map' feature
-> Grid level now shown on the status bar
-> Rotate feature
-> Affected line lengths are shown while moving vertices/lines/sectors
-> X/Y Axis mirroring (map architecture and things)
-> 'Run map' option (configurable)
-> Node builder paths are now configurable (plus added bsp as a nodebuilder)
-> Improved context menus
-> Changed rectangle draw to 'shape draw'. A drawing options sidebar is now available to select the type of shape to draw, and options for that shape
-> New 'Theme' sidebar, to select default textures/properties for new sectors
-> Line drawing controls are now configurable
-> Added new controls 'edit_createitem2', '3d_reset_xoffset' and '3d_reset_yoffset' (check the online documentation for details)
-> Also added controls to copy/paste offsets in 3d mode
-> View related controls now work while line/shape drawing
-> 'Paint room' for 3d mode now works on flats (paints adjacent flats of the same height)
-> Bugfixes and random improvements

Also you may notice I've put up the beginnings of some SLADE documentation. There isn't much there yet, but I'll add to it gradually (and anyone can feel free to write some for me, too :P).
v1.11 Released
SLADE v1.11 is now available at the downloads section. I didn't get around to doing everything I wanted for this version, but it has some important changes that really couldn't wait. Here's a full list:

-> Line and sector specials are now shown on their respective edit dialogs
-> Thing and line flags are now defined in game configurations instead of being hardcoded
-> Page Up/Down keys now work in the texture browser
-> Greatly reduced loading time, textures are no longer all loaded at startup
-> Tab and Return keys now work in the input preferences dialog
-> Simple 'create sector' function (doesn't work in all situations though)
-> Hexen-format line and thing information is shown on the infobar (args etc)
-> 'Light gradient' function
-> Added ability to set a 'background texture' in 2d mode, useful for aligning map architecture to flat textures
-> Thing args are now saved properly when changed
-> Added back the 'Checks' menu
-> Reimplemented support for HIRESTEX textures (defines and remaps)
-> Bugfixes

Also, there is a new SLADE svn available here on So yeah, if you want all the latest updates, compile the source from there ;)
1.1 Is Here
Much sooner than expected, I've released SLADE v1.1. There is no linux source available yet, because I can't boot into linux at the moment to try compiling it. I'm guessing from my previous experience with wxWidgets+Linux, there will be plenty of problems to do with strings (unicode/ascii conversion stuff). Not saying it's impossible to compile in linux though, just it'll take some work as it stands at the moment.

Anyway here's the new stuffage:

-> Moved UI to wxWidgets, which looks much better in Windows while keeping cross-platform capability
-> Map preview in the wad manager
-> Improvements to the args editing UI stuff
-> Option to scale text messages in 3d mode
-> Improved hilight lines in 3d mode
-> Context menus in line and sector edit mode (pops up the edit->line or edit->sector menus. Right click by default)
-> Middle click to snap to the nearest vertex in line draw mode
-> Mouse wheel is now configurable and usable for 3d mode controls

So go to the downloads section and download, for great justice and whatnot. Oh yeah, and you'll have to either delete slade.cfg or select 'restore defaults' in the edit->preferences->input dialog, because of some input system changes from GTK to wxWidgets. Otherwise most input controls won't work at all :P
The wxWidgets port of SLADE is coming along nicely, and if it keeps going at this rate it'll be ready early february. All I have left to do now is finish some of the UI stuff and get it to compile in linux/mingw.
1.02 for the new year
To kick off 2006, here's version 1.02 of SLADE:

-> Added keys to copy/paste Sidedef data in 3d mode
-> Texture browser textures can be sorted by usage frequency
-> Status bar on the editor window
-> Improvements to line drawing (drawing 'over' vertices now works correctly)
-> Changed input system to include mouse buttons, so now they are properly configurable
-> Added keys to increase/decrease sector(s) light level in 2d mode (; and ' by default)
-> Grid snap is now toggleable
-> Bugfixes etc

I've actually been sitting on this for a while, just haven't gotten around to releasing it until now. So what's next? I've started porting the GUI over to wxWidgets, which works much better in windows than GTK (and uses GTK in linux :P). From a coding point of view it's much easier to work with since it is written in c++ rather than c. Anyway I'll probably have the first wxWidgets version out sometime in february or march, which will be version 1.1.
Another version already
SLADE v1.01 is here. New stuff here:

-> Copy+Paste
-> 3d mode resolution selection
-> Fixed some problems with slopes in 3d mode
-> Window properties are now saved
-> Scroll wheel now works in the 2d editor (zoom in/out)

There are also plenty of bugfixes too. As always, grab it from the downloads section right now :P
A Patch Already
I've uploaded a patch for v1.0 (v1.0a) that fixes a few bugs and adds a few minor features. Here's some changelog stuff:

+ Added functionality to the 'New Map' button on the wad manager window
* Sometimes the map/grid lists wouldn't update correctly (casing them to disappear at certain times)
* PNG files missing an alpha channel wouldn't load correctly
* Starting 3d mode with no map open would crash
+ Added option to invert the mouse Y axis in 3d mode
+ Gravity in 3d mode is now toggleable
~ A message is now shown if a hexen format map is loaded when a non-hexen format game is selected
* Textures weren't reloading properly (I wasn't clearing the PNAMES data)
It Be Unleashed
Well it's been a few months, and now finally I am ready to release SLADE v1.0, now with GTK ;) Head on over to the downloads section to get it. If you have any problems with it, post over at the forum or contact me via IRC (#zdoom on Anyway have fun and that ;)
Getting there
I've updated the screenshots section with a few new dev screens. In one you can see that the zdoom TranslucentLine special is previewed in 3d mode ;) Most of the 3d mode editing stuff is in, and soon it will be ready for an initial release. All that needs to be done is slopes parsing, texture alignment and a few other small things...
New SLADE page layout
Well since Gtk-SLADE is well on the way I figured I'd better update the site design for it. I'm up to rewriting 3d mode, which will probably take a while, as I'm planning writing it from the ground-up with slopes and 3d floors support in mind (possibly even dynamic lights, who knows :P).

Also I have set up a BerliOS project page for it, so you can check out the changelog and/or source via SVN.
Update 31st August, 2005
SLADE 0.6 is released. Here be what is new:

-> Slopes in 3d mode
-> Merge/Join sectors (j or ctrl+j by default)
-> 'Extrude lines' feature.
-> Smaller zoom increments with + and - keys (mouse scroll for large increments)
-> Changed handling of non-power-of-two textures. They should tile correctly in 3d mode now. As a side-effect, drivers with OpenGL 2.0 support are now needed to display these textures correctly (if gl_filter isn't set to 3)...

Yup, that's right, slopes support in 3d mode! Before you get too excited I have to mention that it's not complete, but should be fine for most things. For now only line 181 (plane_align) and the 'slope to here' things are processed, and sometimes the walls at the sides of a slope will be missing. The missing textures bug is something I can't really fix unless I rewrite how 3d mode works.

Speaking of rewriting, I've started work on 'Gtk-SLADE', which is SLADE, but using GTK for the user interface. So, v0.6 will be the last SDL/text-ui version of SLADE. I'll post further updates on Gtk-SLADE later, for now it's on hold until MS releases RC1 of Visual Studio 2005. Earlier versions didn't like Gtkmm (which is what I'm using), and so far I've been forced to use Dev-Cpp, which isn't too bad but lacks good debugging, which I am in need of at the moment :P.
Update 2nd June, 2005
The 0.5 linux source is now up at the downloads page. Thanks to miffe for putting that together! Also, I guess I should mention that slopes support in 3d mode is on the way, and should be in the next release of SLADE ;)
Update 31st May, 2005
SLADE 0.5 released! New stuff in this version:

-> New 'draw rectangle' feature, shift+space by default
-> Changed how keys.cfg works, now it looks uglier, but I don't have to include it with every SLADE release any more, so you get to keep your controls config when you update SLADE ;)
-> New 'create stairs' and 'create door' options in the edit menu when in sectors mode
-> Thing editing in 3d mode (only change angle and z-height for now)
-> ZDoomGL hires textures support (via HIRESTEX lump)
-> Different sort modes for the texture browser: 'alphabetical' and 'frequency of use'
-> Most menu options should work now ;)
-> 'Change skin' option in the menu. Also there's a new section in slade.cfg to define your own skins
-> 3 new skins: 'flatish', 'simple' and 'simple2'
-> Crosshair and mouse pointer now skin-independant (you can specify what crosshair/pointer you want in slade.cfg)
-> The usual random bugfixes

Also, I've written a simple tutorial for SLADE (creating a 2-rooms-with-door map). Hopefully I'll get around to writing more SLADE tutorials. I'd advise people to read it, because, even though it's simple, it shows off some of the time-saving editing features in SLADE ;)

Lastly, Miffe has set up a SVN for SLADE, which I'll post about when it's up and running properly. Hopefully the 0.5 source I have up will compile in linux, but if not, either patch it up yourself or check the forums about the SVN...
Update 10th May, 2005
The v0.4 source is up. I'm looking for someone to port it to Linux, if anyone is interested.
Update 9th May, 2005
Whee, SLADE v0.4 is here! Whats new, you ask? Why, this:

-> Editing in 3d mode
-> Thing sprites in 2d and 3d modes
-> ZDoom maps support (minus generalized sector types, for now)
-> Now reads textures from ZDoom TX_ markers (PNG and Doom Patches)
-> Mouse can now be used to select menu items
-> Console in 3d mode (for testing mainly)
-> Line Drawing
-> Lots of other stuff

Head over to the download page to get it! And please report any bugs over at the forums. Without that I can't make SLADE any better ;) Oh, also there's no source release yet. I'll upload that once I clean it up a bit :P
Update 15th February, 2005
Well I think it's time for a release. It's pretty much at the same state as it was at v0.11, except with a few new features that I'm pretty sure are all discussed in previous news posts :P. Also, I've released the source code in case anyone's interested or wants to help me out. Head on to the download page to get it. Lastly, I've setup a forum for SLADE here.
Update 14th January, 2005
Heh, a month has passed and still no release. Basically I ran into the boring parts to code, and now with a holidays/girlfriend/job combo I don't really have much time to work on it. But a few days ago I managed to make a bit of progress, and all that I really need to do now is the texture browser, sector creation and finish off the menus. So I'm hoping to release a new version sometime late January or early February.
Update 3rd December, 2004
Whelp, A few days ago I managed to totally screw my hard drive partition table, which resulted in a total reformat, and attempted data recovery. Well, I recovered most of the SLADE source, but unfortunately not all of it (including the 3d mode and texture loading stuff :/). But never fear, I'm already half way through rewriting SLADE now, and I should have the next version out sometime next week. Rewriting it has had it's merits, too. Now the game configurations have a much nicer format, and also I've added support for custom ui skins ;) (not to mention the code is a whole bunch nicer this time around... so I'll probably do a source release for the next version too).
Update 24th November, 2004
SLADE v0.11 is now available for download. The only real new feature is a 3d preview mode. It's not complete yet, I still have to get it rendering 2-sided middle textures (bars, etc), and I have to figure out how the bsp tree works so it doesn't have to render the whole map constantly :P. I've also started on some preliminary Hexen format support: SLADE will now load up Hexen-format maps correctly, as long as you use the right config file (z_doom2 and z_doom1 for now). Anyway hopefully soon I'll have full ZDoomHexen support done...