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v3.1.7 was Released
Wed, Oct 30 2019

A bit late due to issues with the website around the time it was released, but anyway, 3.1.7 is (was) released!

It's mostly to fix the text editor issues with 3.1.6 on Windows. The changes are below:


  • Updated the SRB2 palette and added support for SRB2 encore lumps (thanks @SteelTitanium)
  • Converting graphics to png format is now done in-memory rather than via a temp file


  • Reverted to wxWidgets v3.1.1 for Windows builds, which should fix issues with the text editor crashing on autocomplete and not showing calltips
  • If the Doom Builder 2 installation directory is not found, SLADE will now prompt to browse for the (GZ)DB2 executable manually

Text Editor

  • Show the number of occurrences replaced after clicking 'Replace All'

Map Editor

  • Vertex slope things are now displayed at absolute height instead of relative to the sector floor
v3.1.6 now with More Bits (tm)
Thu, Aug 22 2019

SLADE v3.1.6 is now available for download, including a few changes to Windows builds - it should no longer require the MSVC runtimes to be installed separately, and there is now an 'experimental' 64bit build available.

The 64bit build currently doesn't support MIDI playback via fluidsynth (you'll have to set up and use timidity instead for now). Otherwise, the 64bit build should run a bit faster on modern hardware and allow opening much larger files than the 32bit version can.

Apart from that, this release is mostly a minor bugfix release, including a fix for the long-standing issue where playing most ogg files would cause a crash. See the full list of changes below:


  • Zip files with the .pk4 extension can now be opened
  • Various minor crash and bug fixes

Resource Editor

  • Fixed a crash when playing certain ogg audio entries
  • Fixed a crash when viewing certain font (eg. DBIGFONT) entries (thanks @mykola-ambar)
  • Fixed misaligned next/prev image buttons for multi-image graphics entries (thanks @mykola-ambar)

Map Editor

  • Fixed BEHAVIOR/SCRIPTS entries sometimes being created with blank names (thanks @Talon1024)

UPDATE 5-Sep-2019: A macOS build of 3.1.6 is (finally) available over at the downloads page.

SLADE v3.1.5 and Linux Flatpak
Tue, May 07 2019

A new release of SLADE is up, with a bunch of fixes and minor improvements:


  • Simplified temp directory handling, should now hopefully always be accessible (if not, the program won't run)
  • Added kpf extension for zip archives
  • Fixed issues opening zip/pk3 files where the path has non-ASCII characters
  • HTTPS links in the start page should now correctly open in an external browser
  • Fix various crashes


  • Fixed ZScript default properties parsing (eg. +SPAWNCEILING should now work)
  • Fixed a crash when a ZScript file #included itself or introduced a circular #include chain
  • Updated ZScript and SRB2 lua language definitions (thanks @SteelTitanium)

Resource Editor

  • Renaming a folder to change case only (eg. DECORATE -> Decorate) should now correctly mark it as modified
  • Always show path and 'up' button for archives that support folders
  • Fixed issues when editing a PNAMES entry via the data entry editor
  • Fixed archive format check for entry types (this was preventing eg. Wolf3D graphics from being detected correctly)
  • Improved detection of pod archives to avoid false positives

Texture Editor

  • Fixed an issue where renaming the currently open texture via the texture list would not update the name text box in the editor

Text Editor

  • Fixed an issue where non-commented text could stay in the 'comment' colour after closing a block comment

As per usual it can be downloaded from the downloads page.

Also, linux users may notice another link added to the downloads page - SLADE now has an official flatpak release for linux, which should make installing and keeping it up to date much simpler.

SLADE v3.1.4 Released
Wed, Dec 26 2018

Another minor bugfix-focused release, with the following changes:


  • Fixed a potential crash on closing an archive
  • Fixed some issues related to the 'Use percent encoding if needed outside of Wad Archives' option

Resource Editor

  • Fixed toolbar buttons on the DataEntryPanel (map entries, SWITCHES/ANIMATED, etc.) not working correctly if more than one was open at once
  • DataEntryPanel should now be able to open in its own tab like other entry panels
  • Fixed SWANTBLS -> SWITCHES/ANIMATED conversion
  • When closing an entry that is open in its own tab, the autosave option (save, don't save, ask) is now used, rather than just discarding any changes

Map Editor

  • Optimised some map editor functionality which should improve speed and stability when working with and saving large UDMF maps
  • Full path textures are now truncated such that the texture name is always visible (thanks @Talon1024)
  • Fixed a potential crash after resources are changed while the map editor is open

Also, I'd like to remind anyone using SLADE and having issues - please report the issue. If I don't know about it it's very unlikely to be fixed unless I happen to come across it randomly or someone else reports it.

There are many options to do this, you can:

  • Post a GitHub issue about it
  • Mention it in the official SLADE discord server
  • Post it in the ZDoom forum thread
  • Send me an email about the issue (see the 'Contact' section)
  • If the issue is a crash, click 'Send Crash Report' on the SLADE crash dialog (filling in the 'description' text box also helps)

The best place to report it is on GitHub - it is much easier to keep track of it there and even if I don't get around to fixing it right away someone else may pick it up and fix it via a pull request.

SLADE v3.1.3 Released (nope, not
Sat, Dec 08 2018

A small bugfix release to follow 3.1.2.

Where's the usual 4th version number? Since SLADE sees so few releases, I'm changing over to something like a semantic versioning system (ie. major.minor.revision) rather than the 4-number clunkiness from before where the first number never changes anyway. So as a minor bugfix release this is 3.1.3, where the next major (feature) release will be 3.2.0.

Does this mean we will get a SLADE 4.0.0 eventually? Possibly, though it's more likely to get to 3.10.0 before then :P

Resource Editor

  • Fixed undo/redo for entries open in their own tab
  • Fixed gfx pixel-painting brush overlay being misaligned with high DPI
  • Fixed long pause when closing an archive with a large number of entries

Texture Editor

  • Fixed copy+paste of textures from one TEXTUREx entry to another (thanks @Talon1024)

Text Editor

  • Added support for new Zandronum ACS functions (thanks @crisisinaptica)

Map Editor

  • Added an option to highlight the origin (0,0) on the grid
  • Fixed 'Create New Map' functionality for Doom64 format maps
  • Fixed map checks panel not applying the correct layout if opened as a floating window

As usual, see the downloads page to get it, including the macOS download this time too.