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This section contains tutorials explaining how to accomplish various tasks using SLADE.


How to Copy and Convert Graphics *
In this tutorial, the object is to extract sprites from Alpha versions of Doom from their IWADs, and to convert them to a format that can be used by the final version of the game. The tutorial goes through the process of copying the graphics and converting them using the SLADE Gfx Converter.

How to Import Textures *
In this tutorial, the object is to import textures from a texture pack into a .WAD file containing a map.

How to Create Map Images
A tutorial detailing all the options for SLADE's Save Map Image feature.

Tutorials marked with a * were written for an older version of SLADE than the latest. Some instructions may have to be performed differently on the current version.

Map Editor

Intro to SLADE Map Editing

A series of tutorials walking through the creation of a simple map in SLADE from start to finish, highlighting many useful editing features along the way.

You should make a Doom level

A series of articles on creating a UDMF map with some advanced features using SLADE, written by Eevee.